ClassPass Comes To London

Well, this is very exciting!

If you follow my Twitter or instagram (@TalontedLex on both) you will know that I’m trying to alter my diet and lifestyle due to health issues. But we all know that a diet change isn’t enough, you need to add exercise if you want to be truly healthy. Here’s the problem: gyms scare me. I get intimidated, I never know what all the machines do and I’m terrified of spending a fortune on a gym membership that I never use. There are a few PAYG gyms around but I have no idea which are good or bad or bloody awful.

ClassPass Comes To London

ClassPass Comes To London

Make way for ClassPass – a monthly gym subscription service which focuses on you being able to try out gyms and classes to see what’s the right fit for you. Always wanted to try a dance class? Ever thought you might secretly be amazing at yoga? Wanted to see if a bootcamp would be too much for you? You can test them out and see. There are 175 locations across London so you’re bound to find one local to you, with more studios being added all the time.

You can get more information on how the subscription works HERE, but long story short you pay a monthly fee (which you can cancel at any time) and this gives you unlimited access to classes at participating studios: you can try a new studio each time, or go to each studio a maximum of 3 times in a month. ClassPass has been running all over the US and Canada for a while, so don’t fear if you’re not based in the UK!

Prices are as follows:

  • A monthly ClassPass membership is normally £89.
  • As a limited-time launch promotion for the first London users, they’re offering unlimited classes for £79 a month.
  • If you are really ready to make a fitness commitment, you can sign-up for 3 months for £69 a month or 6 months for £59 a month!

I think it’s a total bargain, especially if you go for the 6 month version – less than a tenner for unlimited classes!

If you sign up using this link, we will both get £50 off our next month at ClassPass, so click away!

The guys at ClassPass have kindly given me a one month trial of ClassPass, so I’ll be keeping you all updated on social media. I’ll be telling you which classes I try out and what I think so give my social media pages a nosey over the next month.



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