Yes, hard to believe but I’ve been doing this for 2 months! When you’re being bombarded by my Twitter posts about nails and manicures it probably feels like a lot longer but sadly not!

I always enjoyed painting my nails but only started taking it ‘seriously’ and trying out nail art about 3 months ago. A few people on Twitter (including my ridiculously supportive and understanding mani-widow boyfriend) suggested that I start a blog with my nail art and here we are!

Thank you for reading, commenting and inspiring me. I really appreciate it. I will be scheduling a few more posts this weekend as a bit of a celebratory nail extravaganza so please keep popping in to see what’s new.

Thank you again,



This was another of the polishes bought for me by my lovely friend Gemma for doing her manicure.

It is a gorgeous jade green and applies beautifully. I only have one other polish by LA Colours which is the black I use all the time. They are pretty cheap polishes but go on so well, dry fast and are pretty opaque. This mani only needed two coats which is better than I expected for the price. The only negative point is that it doesn’t last too well: chips and lifting after 24 hours, even with top coat.

The above picture shows the true colour better than the first one. It’s a lovely blue-green jade, rather than the rich green it appears as under artificial light (as in the first picture).

Love this colour so much, pretty enough to keep me interested whilst still being a fairly ‘conservative’ manicure!

Not so happy with the fact my thumb looks like a massive sausage there! I look like I’ve had some kind of hideous allergic reaction to something and I’m swelling! Never a good look… Note to self: your thumbs apparently have good and bad angles.



This is one of the polishes mentioned in my previous post. It was a gift for doing my friend’s manicure. We went to a beauty wholesale shop near my house which is full of treats. This place has huge baskets full of polish: I wanted to dive into them and swim around! This one caught my eye straight away as I love glitter (I think I may have been a magpie in a previous life). But in the bottle it looked matte which appealed to me.

And it is absolutely beautiful. The photos cannot do it justice. It dries matte but still shiny, if that’s even possible! It is the most beautiful holo polish I have seen in real life.

AND it was 99p. Ninety…nine…pence. I’ll leave that to sink in for a moment….

99p!! Madness.

Anyway. This was 3 coats of the polish as the glitter takes a while to build up to full coverage.

I had never heard of this brand before, but according to Google it’s Turkish! I’m going to keep an eye out for more of it in that shop because if they do a whole range of holo polishes that are as pretty as this one, I NEED THEM.

Lex 🙂

P.S. 99p!!


At the weekend I went to visit my boyfriend in Hereford. He stupidly let me go into Boots alone and I came out with 7 new nail varnishes! Oops.

17 polish was on 3 for 2 so I went a bit bananas. I found 2 more magnetic polishes (separate post tomorrow for those bad boys!), which made a lovely change from hunting for them in London only to find that every available bottle has been sold!

The above polishes are so pretty and very spring-themed. I couldn’t resist. Also, I got to the counter and ‘Bolt From The Blue’ was in the clearance box for £1 as it’s being discontinued…it would’ve been rude to leave it there!

I love how all of these look on. ‘Chaperone’ looks paler in the bottle which annoyed me at first, until I realised that it’s a cheaper version of Models Own ‘Grey Day’ which is a firm favourite. Always nice to find a cheap dupe!

All the polishes go on really well and dry really quickly. However, like with many pastel colours, they are quite thin and the above picture was after 3 coats.

I decided to do a mani in ‘Chaperone’ with an accent nail in ‘Woo Me’. And I love it! I kept staring at it. My boyfriend found it hilarious!

I will do swatches on the Magnetized polishes as I now own green, grey and lilac! Whoop!




I’m Lex and I live in London. I have always been into nail varnish and spend a lot of time making them look nice, but have been pretty unadventurous until recently. This blog will follow my new obsession with nail art in all its forms.

Please bear with me while I muddle my way through, any tips and inspiration are much appreciated.

It’s lovely to meet you 🙂