What has been cheering me up this week? This Ice Cream Nail Art Manicure. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Ice Cream Nail Art Manicure Ice Cream Nail Art

Ice Cream Nail Art Manicure

When I was thinking about what nail art to do, I decided on pretty, pastel ice creams to match the lovely weather we’ve been having in London. I have wanted to do these for ages, but they don’t really work on squoval nails. These rounded nails are so much fun, I wish I’d changed them up ages ago!

I used a few different Seventeen nail varnishes in this manicure for the pastels, and used a Barry M shade for the brown cone colour.

What do you think to this super sweet manicure?



DIY Caviar Manicure Nail Art

We’ve all seen the beautiful Ciaté Caviar manicure sets advertised. They are set to be the ‘newest’ trend in nail art…if you can get your hands on a set. I am impatient and didn’t want to wait a month for them to come back in stock! (I say ‘newest’ because this nail art technique was around long before Ciaté claimed to have invented it. They’ve had some criticism in the nail blogging community as they’ve apparently been contacting bloggers telling them they can’t use the name ‘Caviar’ as they invented it? Pssssh)

So, I went to a craft shop, bought these beads and just did it myself. Quite fiddly but sooooo pretty. Also, the Ciaté bottles cost £18…my pot cost 40p! Bargain. You can buy them online HERE – I’d recommend looking around on that website as well. You will find any nail art supplies you could ever need: brushes, glue, 3D bits and pieces… everything!


DIY Caviar Manicure


Seventeen Pastel Gradient Nail Art Seventeen Pastel Gradient Nail Art

Seventeen Pastel Gradient Nail Art

These were done using Seventeen Lasting Fix polishes in ‘Woo Me’ (lilac) and ‘Fairy Cake’ (baby pink). I love doing gradients, they are so fun. You can treat yourself to some Seventeen nail polishes HERE.

Plus, I am LOVING my new shape. My nails are making me so happy at the moment (I am sad, I know. Don’t mock me).

I did a tutorial for a gradient nail art manicure, which you can find HERE.



OPI Be A Dahlia Won't You Nail Art OPI Be A Dahlia Won't You Nail Art OPI Be A Dahlia Won't You Nail Art

OPI ‘Be A Dahlia Won’t You’ Nail Art

I got a few OPI polishes free when I subscribed to a magazine and they arrived on Friday (this may or may not have been what finally swayed me to subscribe…). One is ‘Suzy Says Feng Shui’ – which I already owned – and the other is the pink used in this mani – ‘Be A Dahlia Won’t You’.

This is a vibrant bright pink polish with glass flecked glitter. This only took two thin coats for full coverage, although it did take quite a long time to dry even with Seiche Vite which is unusual for OPI polishes.

Unfortunately I am just not in love with this polish. I like pink but this is just TOO pink for me. The full, one-colour manicure of this nail polish was not doing it for me, so I decided to liven it up a bit with some nail art.

I painted half the nails white (using a Natural Collection polish – my top tip for an opaque, affordable white polish) and used a black nail art pen to do the tribals, leopard print, triangles and stripes. I did the reverse on the other hand (white detail on black background) but my hands are super shaky today (I’m dying of a hangover!) and I just wasn’t happy with the right hand so I’m hiding that picture!

I really like this mani and am definitely going to try it with some other colours.

Jan ’16 EDIT: I think this polish is now discontinued, but there’s a similar colour HERE.