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Revlon ‘Just Bitten’ - Gothic

I have been in love with these stains for ages and recommend them to everyone. I had tried lots of different stains and found them too drying or too short-lived. Just Bitten stains have a thick pen nib at one end, with lovely colours that can be layered. If I want a subtle wash of colour I just do one layer. For this look above I went for 3! You wait about a minute for it to dry properly and then apply the balm found at the other end of the pen. The balm lasts for ages so no dryness and it helps to keep the colour strong.

I have 3 different colours from this range (with more than one copy of some colours, so I can have one in a few different handbags!) and am always checking for more.

Lex :)

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    I have this at home. It works great, although it’s too bold for everyday wear (but then, my skin is very fair). My...
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    That looks great! I think I’ll have to get one at some point.
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