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LOOK Beauty ‘Stay Put Powder’

Those of you who watched my first YouTube video (the Boyfriend Make Up Challenge) may recognise this powder - it’s the one my fiance opened with a mushroom cloud of powder and then proceeded to put a ton of on my face!

When applied correctly (!) this stuff is fantastic. I apply it as the final step in my make up, as it sets your foundation and make sure it not only ‘stays put’ all day but also stops shine. I usually have to apply my Soap and Glory mattifying powder part way through the day, but when I wear this that isn’t necessary. You only need a small amount, applied with a brush and buffed over your whole face. 

I find it’s also good for toning down blush, finishing off eye make up and also mattifying slightly shiny foundation. An all-rounder!

I bought this in Superdrug and it was on offer at £4.99. I can see it lasting ages so I definitely recommend.

Lex :)

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