Nail challenge: Day 1 – ‘Red’

The first day of the nail challenge is ‘Red’. I only have one red nail varnish and I’m not very keen on it. It’s a Maybelline Forever Strong polish, called ‘Deep Red’. I love the colour but it’s consistency is very odd. Comes out of the bottle quite gloopy (even with thinner added) and dries really quickly on the nail so goes a bit streaky quickly. The photo below shows how strange the finish is:

(The above picture makes the red look a lot more orangey than it actually is – the flash has a lot to answer for! The other photos are a lot more representative of the darker red colour)

I couldn’t stand looking at the above nails for 24 hours so had to add one of my favourite ‘savers’ – matte top coat. If any manicure is looking a bit boring I always add this to make it a bit more edgy. I use the GOSH matte top coat, although there are lots of other brilliant ones around.

Sadly, it still doesn’t look great, but the top coat definitely helped!

So, a bit of a lacklustre (!) start to the nail challenge. Although, on the bright side, it does mean I should buy a new red polish so this one can go! Any excuse…

Tomorrow is ‘Orange’…LOVE!



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