Nfu Oh 61 Nail Varnish Review

Nfu Oh 61 Nail Varnish

Nfu Oh 61 Nail Varnish

I have rambled before about how much I love Nfu-oh nail varnishes. They do beautiful flakies and holo polishes that amaze me every time I look at my nails. So I couldn’t wait to get my paws on #61, their silver based holo polish. I have seen so many swatches of it…and I couldn’t be more disappointed.

I have since read some reviews that say that the newest batch of polishes have been altered when it comes to the formula. They must have because the polish I received was nothing like the swatches I’ve seen.

It looks plain silver in most lights, these pictures actually make it look more holographic than it does in person. Whenever I looked at it, it just made me sad. Although I did feel slightly like Lady Deathstrike from X-Men, so that was fun.

TL;DR – I don’t like this nail varnish. Nfu-oh, why have you forsaken me?! /drama

EDIT: The weird line across the nail on the tip of my little finger? Where this nail varnish chipped after 24 hours. With Seche Vite on. This nail varnish was a huge disappointment all round! Booo!

You can buy this polish HERE.


Nfu-Oh 61 Nail Varnish


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