OPI ‘My Private Jet’ Nail Varnish

OPI ‘My Private Jet’ Nail Varnish

OPI ‘My Private Jet’ Nail Varnish

This is the third beauty from my Paris Sephora mini haul: the infamous OPI ‘My Private Jet’ nail varnish. Look at that sparkle!

I had heard a LOT about this nail polish as there has been quite a lot of grumbling in the nail polish community with regards to the different batches. The ‘original’ version of OPI ‘My Private Jet’ nail varnish was a black polish with really bright holographic pieces in. The more recent batches are a brown-copper base with a hint of holo. As you can see, mine is the latter. I still think it’s an absolutely beautiful polish but I do think it’s a bit dodgy of nail varnish companies to sell colours that are so different under exactly the same name. If you’re buying blind (i.e. online) then it’s pot luck which one you get. Not ideal.

Anyway! Regardless of the batch drama, I really love this polish. It’s shiny, super glittery and almost grey in natural light (shown above) – all good things in my book!

You can buy it HERE – from the pictures online it looks like the same version as I have reviewed here.


OPI ‘My Private Jet’ Nail VarnishOPI ‘My Private Jet’ Nail Varnish



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