Galaxy Nail Art Tutorial

Galaxy nail art tutorial

I made this Galaxy nail art tutorial aaages ago and forgot about it, but here it is finally: a super simple tutorial for a galaxy manicure.

Galaxy Nail Art Tutorial


You will need: A few nail varnishes (you can choose your favourites after playing around a bit but for this particular look I chose black, navy, light blue, pale yellow, green, orange and white), a sponge, and a top coat.

1. Paint your nails with the black nail varnish and, using a small section of sponge (cosmetic sponges are perfect), lightly dab on some dark blue polish

2. Then dab a lighter blue onto the nail in swirls, covering about 75% of the darker blue patches.

3. Add highlights in whatever colour you like: I used green and orange.

4. Add further highlights in the centre of the lighter colours: I used a baby yellow

5. Use a dotting tool to add some stars in white polish. Finish with a generous layer of top coat to smooth it all out.

There you go! Galaxies in 5 easy steps. The best thing about galaxies is trying it out for yourself with any colours you like. Each time I do these, they turn out completely different.

Let me know if you try out this tutorial, I’d love to see your galaxy manicures!


Galaxy Nail Art Tutorial


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