Model’s Own ‘Utopia’

Model's Own 'Utopia' Model's Own 'Utopia' Model's Own 'Utopia' Model's Own 'Utopia' Model's Own 'Utopia'

Model’s Own ‘Utopia’

Can we take a moment to appreciate just how beautiful Model’s Own ‘Utopia’ is? MY GOD. I originally bought this polish when Model’s Own were having their amazing sale months ago (you need to watch out for those as you can get some serious bargains) and I am really regretting not trying out this polish until now. It is so incredibly beautiful and I have wasted so much time when I could have been wearing it. *kicks self*

This is a soft, pale lilac-grey creme polish. It only needed two coats and this is topped with Seche Vite.

Jan 2016 EDIT: I have just found out from Model’s Own that this shade is now discontinued *wails*. So gutted. This is such an incredible shade and became one of my ;go-to’ colours when I couldnt decide what to wear. It went with everything and just looked really classy and chic on the nails. LUCKILY it reminds me a lot of OPI’s ‘Steady As She Rose‘, which is still available. PHEW.

Lex 🙂


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