Veil Cover Cream – Rosacea Coverage

Since doing my post on my rosacea (you can find it HERE) I have had lots of recommendations on products that can help and/or cover up the persistent redness. I was sent a demonstration kit from Veil who make camouflage make up and I was so excited to try it! Want to see my thoughts on the Veil Cover Cream – Rosacea Coverage included? Read on…

Veil Cover Cream - Rosacea Coverage

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The above photos show my face without make up (*girly scream*); then with a layer of the green redness-correcting cream from the palette; then a layer of the ‘medium natural’ veil cream from the palette; and finally my regular foundation over the top with blush. This cream is very pigmented and thick and goes on quite heavily but I was surprised at how light it felt on my skin. I was worried it would be too much and would actually aggravate my rosacea but I’m impressed. It also doesn’t look as cakey and ‘done’ as I thought it would: I look more made up than I usually do, but there is no redness and I love it. My skin looks like it would do if I didn’t have rosacea and I haven’t seen that in a long time.

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The photos at the bottom are of my lovely colleague Jay who has a keloid scar on her neck. I took the Veil palette to work today and covered her scar – apparently she has tried lots of different creams and cover ups and this is the best one she found. Two happy ladies!

tumblr_mmynpnpwkh1r4p3ygo7_1280 tumblr_mmynpnpwkh1r4p3ygo4_1280

I am seriously impressed with the Veil Cover Cream – rosacea coverage is always tricky but this gives a great high coverage look. It’s a bit fiddly with all the layers, but you get quicker every time and I think that time spent applying is worth it. You can pick up the Veil Cover Cream HERE.



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