Rapsodi Multivitamin 353

Rapsodi Multivitamin 353

Rapsodi Multivitamin 353

I have only tried one other Rapsodi polish (you can read about their seriously stunning neon pink HERE). I am so impressed considering these cost the grand price of 99p!

This polish is a eye-wateringly bright yellow neon. It’s almost lime green. I love it! It needed a white undies coat, and this was 3 coats on top of that to get rid of any bald spots. It dries almost matte, which is something I’ve found is common with a lot of the cheaper, wholesale shop brands. But a coat of Seche Vite sorted it out.

I definitely need to go get more of these!


Rapsodi 353 nail varnishRapsodi 353 nail varnish


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