Dermalex for Rosacea and Couperose

Dermalex for Rosacea and Couperose

Dermalex for Rosacea and Couperose

I was sent this product for review and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to try it. Look at the name: it’s like it was made for me!

Dermalex is a specialised cream that is designed to help alleviate all of the horrid rosacea-associated side effects: redness, dryness, spider veins and the dreaded itch.

I’ve taken the science-y bit from their website:

Restores the natural skin barrier: The Tri-Solve complex® is an innovative and patented combination of efficient ingredients. A combination of trehalose for an immediate hydrating effect with other key elements of the skin (cholesterol, ceramide and free fatty acids) to restore a thick and hydrated natural skin barrier which creates a protective layer.

Daily protection against UVA and UVA rays* which are well known to cause recurrence of rosacea.

Reduction in recurrence by using a green pigment that reduces the redness Self-confidence increases and stress caused by fear of red patches is reduced.

Calms, hydrates and softens the skin thanks to bisabolol, wheat germ extract, echinacea angustifolia, boswellia serrata, fruit extracts of zanthoxylum bungeanum.

The formulation is lovely. It’s a thick green tinted cream… but not emollient-type thick, unlike some rosacea treatments. You are meant to use it twice a day but I already have an extensive morning routine that I didn’t want to mess with. So I have been applying it when I get in from work, after cleansing.

The cream immediately cools my skin and is very soothing on application. It’s not greasy and sinks in quickly, leaving the skin soft and reducing inflammation.

I’ve been using Dermalex for 4 weeks in order to test it fully and I am really impressed. I have overhauled my skincare recently so my skin is a lot more manageable at the moment, but I really believe that this product is one of the main reasons for this. The spider veins around my nose have become less red, which in turn helps my damaged skin (where the Couperose aspect comes in) seem less red in general. I have also suffered less papules (awful red bumps that itch and refuse to be covered by make up) on my cheeks.

If you suffer from rosacea I would highly recommend this, you can buy it from Boots for £18.99. I use a small amount, just on the sections that are most affected so this tube will last quite a while. Definitely worth it.

You can buy this product HERE.



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  1. Melissa Dawson-Bowling
    12th April 2017 / 12:15 am

    Really interesting to read your review on this product as I stumbled across it the other day.

    It doesn’t have any streroids in it does it?

    A doctor has also recommended Rozex for rosacea. Have you tried that?

    Also have you tried any inflammatory meds, or alternative therapy like accupuncture, reflexology etc?

    Many thanks,


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