Halloween Nail Art Tutorial Fangs

Halloween Nail Art Tutorial Fangs

Halloween Nail Art Tutorial Fangs

For today’s Nail Art Sunday I thought I would do a quick Halloween Nail Art Tutorial Fangs for you. This manicure is a little bit fiddly to start with, but once you get the hang of it, it is super easy. For this manicure you will need: a black polish; a red polish; a white polish and a thin brush (or a nail art pen) and some base and top coat.

Before you even get started with colours, you must paint on your base coat –  but you do that anyway, right…?! *hard stare*

You will need 3 polishes (black, red and white), a top coat and a small paint brush.

STEP ONE: Paint your nails black. I recommend Kiko 275 Black as it is the best one I’ve come across.

STEP TWO: Paint the ‘lips’ on at the bottom and top of your nails. You might want to do a layer of white under the lips so it pops against the black.

STEP THREE: Paint on the long fangs on the top and bottom of the lips.

STEP FOUR: Add in the smaller teeth in between and either side of the fangs.

Add top coat and you are done!

Are you going to be trying this nail art? Link me to your pics if you do, I love to see people’s nail art!



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