Gelish Polish Bella’s Vampire

After my training session at the Nail Harmony UK studios I was asked if I’d be interested in reviewing some of the Gelish polishes and I jumped at the chance. I’d only had 2 gel manicures in my life and had never tried it myself (apart from at my day of training) so was really intrigued to see if I could do it without messing it up!

For my reviews, I decided to pick Gelish colours that would be ideal choices for a person who was wanting to invest in their own gel manicure set. I wanted to look for the colours that everyone would get use out of: neutrals, corals for summer, pastels for spring, a classic red, a vampy dark colours and of course some glitters.

This is the first Gelish colour I chose to review: Bella’s Vampire, a dark aubergine shade. I love dark vampy shades, even though some people think you can’t wear dark colours on long nails (pfft I say. PFFT).

Gelish Polish Bella's Vampire


Gelish Polish Bella’s Vampire

My first experience of doing my own Gelish nails (the manicure before this one pictured) wasn’t great. I don’t think I prepped my nails properly and the polish peeled at the sides. So when I prepared for this manicure I followed the instructions to the letter. Preparation is hugely important as, if your manicure is going to last 3 weeks, it needs to be done properly!

This Gelish polish was perfect in two coats and was ridiculously shiny. No matter how many times I see a gel manicure being done, I am always amazed that a manicure can be instantly dry and solid to touch in the 20 seconds it takes to cure the layer… it boggles my mind!


This manicure lasted over 2 weeks and was still looking perfect, shiny and chip-free when I took it off. It would have lasted longer but I am an impatient person who gets bored of manicures very quickly – so 2 weeks is a good run for me!

If you’re someone who loves nail varnish but finds little time to paint your nails, Gelish is pretty much ideal. It’s similar to painting your nails but you just cure the layers in between. There’s no worry about smudging or having to sit not touching anything while your nails dry as it’s immediate. It’s so practical if you are short on time or patience. Plus it’s a godsend for toenails. I HATE painting my toenails and usually try to pretend they don’t exist, but now I can do a pedicure once a month and then forget them, and know they’ll look fantastic!




I think a Gelish set is definitely an investment, and although it’s obviously not as cheap an option as just buying regular nail varnish but I really think that it’s a great option for those who want a low-maintenance, high impact manicure. Not having to paint your nails for 3 weeks is a definite plus for a lot of people, especially if you have a busy month coming up or are going on holiday.

Do you ever get gel manicures? Have you thought about doing a gel manicure at home?




  1. Sarah
    6th January 2016 / 1:48 pm

    Strongly considering getting the at-home kits, so would love to see more posts like this. I’ve found shellac/gel gives my weak nails a chance, particularly my thumbs, which are prone to painful splitting. (I’ve tried every treatment, strengthener, supplement to no avail)

    • Lex
      7th January 2016 / 12:37 pm

      Thank you for your comment, Sarah. Gel can definitely help to strengthen your nails and give them a chance to grow out, as long as the removal is done well – when I first got my gel set I took shortcuts with the removal and it was not pretty! At the risk of recommending something you’ve already tried – have you tried OPI Nail Envy? That’s my fave strengthener.

  2. Beverly Beaute
    29th November 2016 / 5:29 am

    Awesome nail paint I love it. Thanks to share this nail paint which shine superb in hand.The gelish colours are best and the color you describe is also pretty cool.

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