Re Buy or Bye Bye Empties Mini Review #2

I feel quite proud of myself when I manage to finish a product. I have so many products on the go that it’s a small miracle that I ever finish anything! Some of these have been waiting for a mini review for a while but let’s dive into the empty product bag and see what I thought.

Re Buy or Bye Bye Empties Mini Review


Re Buy or Bye Bye Empties Mini Review

La Roche Posay ‘Effaclar Mat’ – I was so excited to try this moisturiser as I’d heard it was great for oily skin… but I really didn’t like it. I felt it didn’t make my skin feel moisturised, it didn’t make a good base for make up (it rolled quite often) and it certainly didn’t help with my oily skin. The most annoying thing was that this lasted FOREVER. It’s not even a big tube but it just kept going. And I’m stubborn about not throwing things away unfinished. It was a chore to get through this to be honest so it’s a huge BYE BYE. Sorry LRP, you know I still love you! You can get it HERE.

Rimmel ‘Scandaleyes’ eyeliner – I wear eyeliner pretty much everyday and love my cat eye flicks so when I saw this eyeliner pen I was intrigued. It has a chunky nib that has a flat side and a thinner side to (apparently) make the flick easier. PIFFLE. It was scratchy, hard to use and transferred onto my eyelid. Nope. BYE BYE. It’s available HERE.

Maybelline ‘Brow Drama’ in Blonde – I wanted to love this. I hear people raving about it all the time but I just couldn’t get on with it. My first issue was the brush: it as a bulbous end, like a ball on the end of the brush which I found just made application messy. I do not have thin eyebrows but I found this stuff got on all the tiny hairs around my eyebrows which made them look really scruffy. Unless you get your eyebrows threaded every 2 weeks, this will be a problem. The second issue I have is not limited to Maybelline: when high street brands say ‘blonde’ what they mean is ‘gingery blonde’. This has a very red undertone which did not look good on me. BYE BYE! Get it HERE.

(This isn’t going well for the Rebuy pile so far…)


Trilogy ‘Organic Rosehip Oil’ – If you’ve seen my wedding/honeymoon YouTube videos you will have heard the tale of woe about this bottle leaking (due to user error!) and wasting so much of the product – gutted. This really is amazing stuff – it sinks it very quickly, make my skin feel incredibly soft and is wonderful for rosacea or sensitive skin as it reduces redness and soothes irritation. It smells a bit funky but I can overlook that! REBUYREBUYREBUY HERE.

Indeed Labs ‘Hydraluron’ – I’ve raved about this stuff a million times. It’s a serum that you put on under moisturiser and (as hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1000 times it’s weight in water) it grabs onto any moisture and redues the time it takes to evaporate from your skin. I ran out of this about a month ago and my skin has been terribly dry. I’m not sure it’s entirely down to the lack of Hydraluron but I think it plays a big part. REBUY 4 LYFE. Get it HERE.


Batiste Dry Shampoo ‘XXL Volume’ – Oh Batiste. How I love you. There are loads of different versions of Batiste and I tend to use this one for up dos as it really does bump up the volume. Once you put it in, it’s hard to run your fingers through you hair so I wouldn’t recommend it for a natural, down look. I use it to bump up the roots of a ponytail or for thickening up braids. REBUY. Get it HERE.

Avene Micellar Lotion – I am a big fan of micellar lotions and a HUGE fan of Avene. They make wonderful products for sensitive or atypical skin and I love them. I really wanted to love this more. Just to be very clear, there isn’t anything *wrong* with it, it’s just not Bioderma! It is however available in Boots and comes in a pretty big bottle (and is vastly superior to the Garnier/L’Oreal Paris ones). I’m going to cheat and say REBUY – if I couldn’t get to Bioderma! You can buy it HERE.


Soap & Glory ‘Breakfast Scrub’ – I am so sad that this has finished as it smells INCREDIBLE. It has banana, almond and honey in it and it is a struggle not to eat it. The scrub is one of the best I’ve tried as well: chunky so it feels like it’s really doing some work, but quickly breaks down into an oily finish that makes your skin feel so soft and cared for. I have other scrubs to use up, but after that this will definitely be a REBUY. Purchase HERE.


Rimmel ‘Fix & Perfect Primer’ – This is a very silcone-y primer so it makes your skin very smooth and silky and makes a very good base for applying make up, but if you don’t like that silicon feel then I’d avoid. I loved this at first but the more I used it I found that my oily patches were coming through and it just didn’t hold my make up in place. Sorry but it’s a BYE BYE. You can purchase it HERE, I have a feeling it may be wonderful if you have drier skin or more controllable oil!

Urban Decay ‘All Nighter Setting Spray’ – I wore this on my wedding day is it is MAGICAL. You can spray this before or after make up (or both as I did!) and it just keeps everything in place. It is a very fine mist so you don’t feel like you’re drenched and it feels light. I was worried it would feel like spraying hairspray on my face but you can’t even tell it’s there. Definite REBUY HERE.

Do any of these catch your eye? Do you love any of the products I hated? Let me know in the comments!



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