May ’15 Beauty And Lifestyle Favourites

May has come to a close and I’m not going to give you the usual schpiel about the month going ridiculously quickly (but seriously…) Do you want to see the products that I have loved and used constantly this month? Course you do.

May '15 Beauty And Lifestyle Favourites


May ’15 Beauty And Lifestyle Favourites

Thisworks ‘Deep Sleep Pillow Spray’ – I got this for my birthday and was so excited as I’ve always wanted to try it. It’s beautifully scented as it includes Lavender, Vetivert and Wild Camomile and is designed to help you relax and drift off to sleep. It’s probably entirely psychological but I really do feel like it calms me and makes me feel super sleepy. I’ll definitely be taking this on the plane next week to encourage me to have a nap! It’s £16.00 and available from Boots.

B. Make Up Brush Cleanser* – This is the first high street brush cleanser that I’ve seen and I have been LOVING it. It works as a great inbetween proper washes cleanser. I spray it on a cotton pad and swirl the brush around and it’s refreshed and ready to go! This is £4.99 HERE which is really good value.


Make Up For Ever ‘Pro Bronze Fusion’* – MUFE is now available in Debenhams: 6 words that make me so happy. Until last year I had never worn bronzer. As a pale girl, the fear of ending up looking like an Oompa Lumpa scared me, but this is a lovely natural and not too glittery shade that looks really pretty now we’re getting (slightly) more sun. This compact is £28 HERE.

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexigloss in ‘Fuchsia Pink’* – I am not really a gloss girl but this one has really turned my head. It’s non-sticky and opaque plus it feels very silky and light. It’s hydrating and lasts quite a long time for a gloss which is what usually puts me off. These are £16. (EDIT: sadly these are no longer available in the UK, but US fans can get them at Sephora)

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in ‘Whipped Blush’ – Although I love the MUFE gloss, I’m still a matte girl at heart. These Sephora lip creams are gorgeous and I’ve raved about the true red shade before. This is a blue-based fuchsia pink that looks great with neutral eyes. This goes on like a gloss but then dries down to a true matte finish and lasts for flipping ages. These are $13 HERE.

Ole Henriksen ‘Truth Serum Collagen Booster’* –  A few products from Ole Henriksen have been on my wish list for a while and this was one of them. A light, easily-absorbed serum that’s oil free and contains Vitamin C to reduce the look of wrinkles and smooth skin. It smells FANTASTIC as well. The 30ml bottle is £47 HERE, but if you wanted to try it out the 15ml bottle is £23.50 from FeelUnique.


La Roche Posay ‘Cicaplast Baume B5′ – I am not going to rave about this again as I have already mentioned it a lot of the blog. I rely on this thick cream to rescue my skin whenever it is dry or feeling raw during a rosacea flare up. Long story short: You need it. Get it HERE.


‘Elizabeth Is Missing’ by Emma Healey – This book had me completely riveted. It’s a really intriguing mystery that slips between past and present. It’s incredibly sad and made me cry on the train which seems to be happening a lot with the books I’m choosing recently! It’s a good job London is so anonymous otherwise people on the train would think I had an emotional imbalance. Buy it HERE.

‘The Girl On The Train’ by Paula Hawkins – This is another mystery book but is very much in the vein of Gone Girl. It was fairly predictable but I really enjoyed the twists and turns of the story. It’s being made into a film with Emily Blunt in the main role, so read it before the film comes out! HERE.

Do you have any book recommendations? I get panicky if my Amazon wishlist goes below 30 books…



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