Bomb Cosmetics Little Hotties Max Welts

I have been looking for wax melts for a while, as people I follow on Instagram that are based in the US are always posting pictures of the amazing ones they buys. So when I stumbled across Bomb Cosmetics I was already fully prepared to develop an obsession.

Bomb Cosmetics Little Hotties Max Welts

Bomb Cosmetics Little Hotties Max Welts

I got 2 boxes of Little Hotties. You can choose the 4 scents you would like in each box so I got: Fresh Fig, Almond Milk, Citrus Blizzard, Cotton Fresh, Morning Coffee, Sea Salt, Vanilla Honey and Summer Lawn.

You just pop 3 of the Little Hotties wax melts in the top of the burner and place a tealight under it.

There are so many fragrances to choose from, and even suggestions on the website on which scents to mix to create new scents (e.g. Log Fire + Citrus Blizzard + Alpine = Christmas Tree… is it wrong that I can’t wait for December now?!)

Each box gives up to 132 hours of burning time and these really do fill the room with scent. I have an obsession with candles and I think these last a bit longer. Plus I love that you can create your own fragrance that is personalised to you, by mixing and matching the scents.


I also picked some Bath Creamers as they were quite cheap and my husband and I both love these types of thing. They are described as ‘pressed by hand from pure cocoa and shea butter’. They are designed to be moisturising and caring for your skin. They were a bit smaller than I expected but maybe they’re very concentrated…! I chose Rosie Heart, Apple Cherry Choo and Stress Less which well all either £2.09 or £2.29.


They have a lot of other products on the website that I’ve now got my eye on: more traditional bath bombs and variations on that theme. Plus I want to work my way through all the Little Hotties scents! I will update on the other bits and pieces that I try.



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