Going Bananas For Pop Art Nail Art

I am absolutely losing my mind being stuck at home recovering from surgery. And so, to celebrate being able to sit up without wanting to cry, I decided to do some nail art. I did some watermelon nail art HERE so I stuck with the fruit theme for these cute pop art nail art bananas.

Pop Art Nail Art

I wanted this to be a bright and vibrant manicure so I chose Essie ‘Madison Ave-hue’ for the base coat (a lively sugary pink), Kiko ‘279′ for the yellow (the most obnoxious yellow polish I own), and Kiko ‘275′ for the detailing (probably the best black nail varnish in the world).

I’m really pleased with how these turned out, I tried to make them kind of imprecise in a pop art-y way. They’ve certainly cheered me up!

Are you going bananas for banana nail art? Let me know your thoughts for future Mani Mondays… I am open to all suggestions!

Pop Art Nail Art Pop Art Nail Art


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  1. 12th August 2015 / 9:28 am

    Hello from another London blogger1 These nails are so cute! 🙂 I’ve never done much nail art, the most is a “modern” french manicure or a mix of colours ( right now I have pink and green on) but you are tempting me to branch out 🙂 (Random: Would you be interested in doing a guest post on DIY nail art for my DIY blog hapinesswherever.wordpress.com ?) My email is whereverhapiness at gmail dot com if yes! 🙂

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