RosaceaReview CACI Sakurami Lifting Facial Treatment at HT by Sakurami London

RosaceaReview CACI Sakurami Lifting Facial Treatment

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, you can rectify that HERE), you will have seen me post a no-make-up selfie after a facial last week. For people with sensitive skin or rosacea, the idea of having a facial can be a scary one. You have to think about the products they will use (a lot of ingredients can cause flare ups), how much force they will use, how warm the room will be. There are a lot of factors! I also don’t usually like having facials as you aren’t supposed to apply make up for at least 8 hours afterwards. So having a full time job means that the only time I can have a facial is at the weekend and I personally don’t feel comfortable wandering around at the weekend with no make up on. HT by Sakurami London has converted me… read on for the details.

CACI-Sakurami-Lifting-Facial-Treatment-HT-by-Sakurami-London CACI-Sakurami-Lifting-Facial-Treatment-HT-by-Sakurami-London-2

CACI-Sakurami-Lifting-Facial-Treatment-HT-by-Sakurami-London-2 CACI-Sakurami-Lifting-Facial-Treatment-HT-by-Sakurami-London-2

RosaceaReview CACI Sakurami Lifting Facial Treatment

There are a few things that set HT by Sakurami London apart for me. The first is the location (it’s the UK flagship salon on The King’s Road in Chelsea so you immediately feel super fancy. They are an international company, with salons in Moscow, Sochi, Tbilisi, Tokyo, and Dubai). The decor strikes you as soon as you walk in (modern but warm with a lot of wood, mirrors and cute British touches); and the opening hours (9am to 9pm). The latter was very important to me, as it meant I could go to my appointment after work and then slip away into the night without make up and wouldn’t feel like everyone was staring at me!

I arrived and was greeted by Liuba who was very friendly and introduced me to my facialist,  Helen. Liuba and Helen conducted a consultation with me where they asked me what I would like to get out of the facial, any concerns I may have, and asked me questions about my skin. They both seemed knowledgable about sensitive skin types and recommended some appropriate treatment options. Together we decided that the CACI Sakurami Lifting Facial Treatment would be best. In case you haven’t heard of CACI, they are ‘the UK’s bestselling system for non-invasive and anti-aging treatments for the face and body‘. According to the website, the CACI Sakurami Lifting Facial Treatment is “an advanced, non-invasive facial treatment with twenty years of medical research behind it.  Tiny electrical impulses lift and tone the facial muscles, whilst improving skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”

The facial was incredibly calming, with an extensive cleanse and light facial massage, followed by the CACI treatment which was very unusual but surprisingly relaxing. The ‘tiny electoral impulses’ mentioned above are administered through metal…probes… (I hate that word but I don’t know how else to describe them!) that glide over your face to deliver facial toning. The massage is quite firm which made me worry that it would trigger a flare up of my rosacea, but afterwards my skin was glowing, soft and no more red than usual. The effects of the facial were noticeable for the week following the treatment: my make up went on smoother, my skincare seemed to work harder and I definitely noticed a difference in the fine lines around my eyes and lips. Effects are cumulative so further treatments would give even better results. This treatment was £80 for 1 hour which, for the results, location and attentive staff, I think is a great price. If you are someone with sensitive skin and are thinking about a facial treatment, I would definitely recommend this salon and treatment.

HT by Sakurami London offer a range of treatments (hair, manicures, massage etc.) and you can have a look at their website HERE.


*The treatment was provided free of charge, but words and opinions are my own. First, third and fourth images provided by PR


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  1. 30th September 2015 / 7:44 pm

    Hi, I have broken capillaries across my face so I have to be careful of exfoliation (only use enzymes no grains) and certain ingredients etc can cause a flare of sensitivity. Glad you enjoyed your facial and your skin did too, sounds like a fab treatment.
    Heidi x

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