Madam Glam New Gel Polishes

I own a lot of nail varnish and spend a lot of time nosing about at new launches and brands so it’s pretty rare that I come across things that make me truly excited. But the Madam Glam gel polishes are pretty damn exciting. Read on to hear about heat activated and 1-step gel polishes…


Madam Glam New Gel Polishes

I’ve spoken about Madam Glam on the blog before (you can read my previous review HERE) and I was desperate to try some of the other polishes in the range, so when she very kindly let me choose some to review I took my choices very seriously. See what I chose below:

First up is Madam Glam One Step Gel Polish in ‘Pastel Lilac’* – As soon as I saw ‘one step’ I was all over it. I love the look of gel nail varnish but it is a bit of a faff. This polish does what it says on the tin: you paint on a thin layer, cure under a regular gel polish lamp, add the next layer, cure again and you are done. You heard me. No base, no top coat, no sticky residue left over. Just like a regular manicure but your polish is rock hard instantly and so shiny you could blind a man. What is not to like?! This manicure lasted about a week and a half on me (so not quite as long as the other gels with the extra stages) but with extra care I think I could’ve gone two weeks.



Next up is the Madam Glam Color Change Gel Polish in ‘Crazy In Love’* which is a plain colour heat activated gel polish. In hindsight I probably should have chosen a shade that wasn’t so similar to ‘Love On Top’ (below) but what can I say? I love pink nails. This polish and the below both lasted for over 2 weeks on my fingernails (even longer on my toenails) and apply like a dream. All of the gels are a thick consistency, so I’d advise doing light layers rather than slapping it on too thick, otherwise you’ll end up with an uneven finish. And no one wants lumpy nails.

Madam-Glam-New-Gel-Polish-2 (1)

Madam-Glam-New-Gel-Polish-3 (1)

Madam-Glam-New-Gel-Polish-4 (1)

And lastly is Madam Glam Color Change Gel Polish in ‘Love On Top’* – I love the Madam Glam’s heat activated gels but the thought of a glitter polish that changed colour really piqued my interest. And I was not disappointed. The polish is a bright fuchsia pink when you’re cold, and nude/white when you’re warm. I love the way the glitter peeks through and looks so different when the colour changes.

I’m still blown away by this! Photos and an action video below.

Madam-Glam-New-Gel-Polish-5 (1)Madam-Glam-New-Gel-Polish (1)

So what do you think to heat activated polishes? What about 1-step gels? Let me know in the comments!


*Products provided as PR samples. For more information see my disclaimer page.



  1. Amanda
    6th June 2016 / 8:02 pm

    This would be great fun for my teenage niece.- but I don’t think she’d get on with a lamp. Do they (or anyone) do a ‘normal’ nail varnish?

    • Lex
      23rd June 2016 / 5:36 pm

      I haven’t seen any non-gel polishes that change colour with heat I’m afraid, but I’ll keep my eyes out!

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