H&M Beauty Review

As soon as I saw that H&M were bringing out make up I knew I’d have to pick up a few bits. After a few unsuccessful trips around various London locations I actually ended up getting these goodies in Amsterdam! Let’s have a nosey at my H&M Beauty review…

H&M Beauty Review


H&M Beauty Review

The packaging is very simple and clean-looking: cream and gold with clear plastic and glass so the beautiful colours of the products can sell themselves. The whole range is really affordable so do have a look round the other products on offer, I can tell I will have to expand my collection soon!

H&M Beauty Review

The products I was most excited about were the H&M Aqua Liquid Eyeliners. There were so many colours and I spent far too long swatching them all. My poor long-suffering husband was so bored but luckily he’s used to it now! I ended up narrowing it down to 3 shades, all of which are unbelievably pretty.


‘Apple Mint’ – a mint green with a stunning sparkle; ‘Beach Life’ – a cyan blue with a shimmer; and ‘De Nîmes’ – a navy blue with glitter that looks like the night sky. The first photo shows the opacity: the swatches are just one swipe, so I’d usually do two layers on the eyes. And in the second photo below you can see how much these catch the light – just so pretty!

They are a very liquid-y formula (hence the ‘Aqua’ in the name!) so you need to wait for them to dry so you don’t transfer the colour onto your eyelid. The applicator is one of those sturdy foam, tapered tips which I really like but I know some people prefer brushes or felt tip applicators. The inclusion of the shimmer in these eyeliners means that they can sometimes get a bit lumpy when applying but it’s easily sorted by scraping any excess product off the tip.

H&M Beauty ReviewH&M Beauty Review

This colour of eyeshadow just calls to me. I just think these cranberry/plum/maroon/ shades are flattering on everyone and I cannot get enough! This is the H&M High Impact Eye Colour in ‘Sahara Dawn’. It’s a pretty standard powder eyeshadow formula: don’t be scared off by the dramatic colour – it’s not super pigmented so it’s very easy to blend and build. With eyeshadow primer (which I wear every day regardless of what I’m using on my eyes) this lasts all day with no creasing. I like the way the packaging looks but it feels pretty cheap and lightweight, but I doubt I’ll be carrying it around in my handbag so it’s not a deal breaker for me.

H&M Beauty ReviewH&M Beauty ReviewH&M Beauty Review

And the last product I picked up was a H&M Colour Essence Eye Cream in ‘Countess’. Cream eyeshadows are the most simple eye product in the world to apply and so are great for those days when you need to look a bit more put together but have no time at all! The formula of these is dreamy: a really lightweight, almost whipped, mousse-y texture that smoothes onto the eye easily, leaving you a bit of time to blend it before setting to a finish that doesn’t budge all day. This colour is a bit more pink-toned on me than it looks in the pot, it looked more nude/camel/gold whereas on me on it’s more blush/nude but I still love it. My only bugbear is these pots that most cream eyeshadows come in: long nails mean I can’t get my finger in there so have to use a brush or scoop some out on top of my nail and then blend with finger tips. Awkward.

H&M Beauty ReviewH&M Beauty ReviewH&M Beauty Review

Which of the H&M Beauty bits caught your eye? Have you used anything else from the range? Let me know in the comments!



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