Pink Gellac Starter Kit Review

If you love the look and ease of gel nails, but can’t afford to shell out for professional application every 3 weeks or so, you’ve probably looked into getting a home kit. Carry on reading for my Pink Gellac Starter Kit Review*!

Pink Gellac Starter Kit Review

Pink Gellac Starter Kit Review

The Pink Gellac kit is a really great buy if you’re new to gel polishes at home, as it gives you everything that you would need. Included in the box is:

  • The full-size bottle of gel colour in the shade ‘Tropical’ – a beautiful coral (photos below).
  • The mini LED lamp – this is smaller than my other lamp, but it’s big enough to fit your whole hand or foot and is dinky enough that it won’t take up loads of space.
  • A full-size bottle of Pink Gellac base coat.
  • A full-size bottle of Pink Gellac ultra shine top coat.
  • A bottle of nail cleaner.
  • A nail file.
  • Orange woodsticks (not terribly exciting but necessary!)
  • 20 x lint free cotton pads.
  • 10 x gel polish remover pockets. I had a total rave about these on snapchat – username TalontedLex if you’re interested! – because they are serious amazing. I will expand below…
  • Plus free online courses to help you if you’re a true beginner! I haven’t tried these but it sounds like a great idea.

And it’s £54.99 for the whole thing, I think that’s a really great price considering you get everything in one.

Overall Thoughts

I was really impressed with this set. The only thing I was slightly disappointed with was the top coat which was so thick and stringy it was impossible to use. Having said that I’ve read a lot of reviews where everyone raves about it, saying it’s a piece of cake to apply and dries to a non-sticky finish (something all gel polish fanatics will appreciate as a massive bonus). So I think my bottle may have had something wrong with it but this sounds like an unusual blip rather than a standard feature.

The colour is absolutely stunning: the perfect summer colour and has been on my toes ever since this arrived in the post. The photos below show my manicure after 2.5 weeks of wear. No tip wear, no chips and no lifting – just unsightly nail growth at the base!

The remover pockets mentioned above are genius. They are square paper sachets and you rip off the bottom and place your finger in the pocket which contains an acetone-soaked pad. You remove a flimsy plastic strip covering a sticky tab which means you can wrap the pocket to keep it secure around your fingertip while the gel breaks down. It doesn’t look like they sell them on the website which is such a shame as I desperately want some! Please release them, Pink Gellac!

Did you enjoy this Pink Gellac Starter Kit review? Are you tempted by an at-home gel kit?


(Also, the book shown in the top picture is Becoming by Laura Jane Williams which is WONDERFUL)

*Provided for review by Pink Gellac and TypeTheHype. Some links may be affiliate. For more information please see my disclaimer tab at the top of the page.




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