Madam Glam One Step Gels Review

I’ve spoken a lot about gel polishes on this blog and you all should know by now that I’m a fan.  But you’ll also probably have gathered by now that I’m quite lazy and don’t like too much faff. Which is kind of unavoidable when it comes to gel. Unless you have discovered the amazing Madam Glam One Step Gels * that is… Keep reading for my review and an exclusive discount code!


The eagle-eyed amongst you will know that I’ve already spoken about the Madam Glam One Step Gels on the blog (you can read my review HERE). I think the concept is genius: you apply the gel, cure for 30 seconds, do a second coat, cure and you are done! You get the longevity and shine of gels but you don’t need to mess about with base coats and top coats. I find they’re so much easier to remove as well – you still have to soak them but there is so much less scraping and waiting which is always a plus point in my book! I had a few questions on twitter after my last review about whether these damage your nail plate due to the lack of base coat so I wanted to address those – I haven’t noticed any damage at all, and my nails go through quite a lot with all the reviews I do! As long as you soak them properly, and don’t pick the polish off, you will be fine! Each polish works out to about £15 which seems pricey, but if you think about how much you’d spend on getting a professional gel manicure, it works out a lot cheaper to buy a bottle yourself. PLUS I have an exclusive discount code for my readers: if you enter ‘lex30’ at the checkout, you can get 30% off your order! Let me know in the comments what colours you pick up 🙂

Madam Glam One Step Gels

So let’s look at the different colours. Starting with ‘Sweet Nothing’: a baby pink pastel that was the one I went for first, wore for over 2 weeks, removed…and then put straight back on . That’s how much I love it. I think this colour is just pale enough to not look too saccharine, goes with everything and just looks really neat and chic. This needed two very careful coats to make sure you don’t have any bald spots (just like any pastel polish).

Madam-Glam-One-Step-Gels-Sweet-Nothing-1 Madam-Glam-One-Step-Gels-Sweet-Nothing-2

When I first saw ‘Shimmer All Over’ I wasn’t too keen. I’m just not drawn to pearly polishes. But once this was on my nails I actually really liked it. It’s a peachy pink nail varnish with silver shimmer. This had full coverage in two coats but, as with many polishes with this finish, you need to be careful as the brush strokes can look messy.

Madam-Glam-One-Step-Gels-Shimmer-All-Over-1 Madam-Glam-One-Step-Gels-Shimmer-All-Over-2

I would say this is a purpley-pink, wouldn’t you? It’s a hard to describe fuchsia-muted-neon-lilac-purple… but it’s called ‘Girly Pink’ and was another two-coater.

Madam-Glam-One-Step-Gels-Girly-Pink-1 Madam-Glam-One-Step-Gels-Girly-Pink-2

I love love LOVE this shade but just wish I’d done an extra coat as these pictures pick up the bald spots a little. Three thin coats would have made this the perfect manicure I think. This is ‘Lolita’, a blue-based royal purple that just looks so smooth and luxurious.

Madam-Glam-One-Step-Gels-Lolita-1 Madam-Glam-One-Step-Gels-Lolita-2

And now we get to the glitters! *claps hands and bounces* Green is my favourite colour so I knew this was going to be a match made in heaven. ‘Team Fashion’ is a densely packed green and gold glitter with holographic circle glitter interspersed. This feels very Christmassy to me and so, obviously, I flipping love it! Two coats to get the below coverage.

Madam-Glam-One-Step-Gels-Team-Fashion-1 Madam-Glam-One-Step-Gels-Team-Fashion-2

Very yellow-toned golds aren’t that flattering on me (#SpamHands) but I can forgive this one as its just. So. Pretty. ‘All That Flash’ is a bright gold shimmer base with multi-size holographic glitter.

Madam-Glam-One-Step-Gels-All-That-Flash-1 Madam-Glam-One-Step-Gels-All-That-Flash-2

So which is your favourite? Are you a classic, glitter or bold kind of manicure lover? Let me know in the comments below!

I’m so impressed with the Madam Glam One Step Gels – the colours are absolutely incredible and the application and removal are a doddle. They also do some incredible heat-activated gels that are SO much fun (you can see my review HERE). You can have a nosey at the website HERE.


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  1. Kathleen Medjuck
    12th August 2016 / 3:35 pm

    Sorry for my ignorance but so many polishes say “gel” lately that I don’t know sometimes if they require the light or lamp (or whatever you call it). I’m thinking this polish does since it’s one step. Correct?

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