GLAMGLOW Face Mask Review #RosaceaReview

If you’ve watched the hype about the GLAMGLOW face masks* from afar and always wondered what they were like then this review should be of interest. I was given the whole range of masks to try on my ridiculously picky and sensitive skin, so keep reading to hear my GLAMGLOW face mask review.

GLAMGLOW Face Mask Review

GLAMGLOW Face Mask Review

The GLAMGLOW YouthMud TinglExfoliate Treatment Mask (the black pot) was the very first product created by GLAMGLOW in 2010. It became a cult product for those in the know on film sets and photoshoots, passed from person to person as the demand grew for this secret wonder mask. It was developed to give skin an immediate result to rival weeks of facials, for models and actors who need to look incredible at a moment’s notice. in 2011 it finally launched for sale to us minions and it has been one of the top selling masks in Sephora ever since. That is pretty impressive. It’s a pale grey thick mask with large bits of green tea leaf and a base of French sea clay and volcanic pumice rock. It exfoliates, clarifies, extracts oil, and makes skin feel lovely and soft. It does have lavender oil (typically a trigger of mine) and added fragrance but I didn’t notice any aggravation.

GLAMGLOW SuperMud Clearing Treatment Mask (white pot) is designed for those with problem/acne-prone skin as it’s aimed at clarifying and mattifying. It has a whopping 6 acids included in the ingredients although I think fewer acids at higher amounts may have resulted in better exfoliating results. My skin was a little tingly when this was on (I only applied it to my nose and chin – where I tend to get blackheads) and when I removed it the skin was very red underneath but this soon went down and didn’t cause a flare up of my rosacea. It does contain peppermint oil which may explain the slight aggravation for me, as that is one of my triggers. Also note that for some reason, this is 34g but still the same price as the other 50g masks, although I’ve heard rumours that this will be rectified in 2017.

GLAMGLOW Face Mask Review

Unlike the two masks above which I applied to my t-zone, I used the GLAMGLOW ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment Mask (blue pot) on my whole face. It’s a thick mask with the appearance and consistency of Angel Delight (mmmmmangeldelight…) that feels instantly cooling and soothing. It smells very sweet, with a strong coconut scent that I really liked and didn’t aggravate me. It contains honey – which my skin loves – and ginger – which my skin usually hates – but there was no reaction to this product. I don’t think that I would choose this over any of my other hydrating masks to be honest. It’s lovely to use and smells divine but my skin didn’t feel drastically different after using this as opposed to another soothing and hydrating mask.

Anything described as deep-cleaning get me interested so this mask was top of my list to try: the GLAMGLOW PowerMud DualCleanse Treatment Mask (green pot) is described as a ‘mud to oil’ mask, the idea being that you apply it, leave it to dry and then apply water to turn it into an oil. While the other masks dry like typical mud masks (they lighten in colour, become dry and crack when you move your face) this one dries in a very different way. It becomes like a smooth second skin, which I found much kinder to my sensitive skin. It felt tight as it dried but not in an uncomfortable way. You apply this to clean skin so it’s not a make up remover, it’s meant to be used as a weekly treatment to deep clean the skin. It does contain witch hazel which usually reacts badly with my skin but I had no irritation. My skin felt absolutely lovely after using it so I think this might be my favourite of the bunch. As you only use it once a week and use a smaller amount than the other masks, I think this would be the most bang for your buck as well.

GLAMGLOW Face Mask Review - Full collection swatches

An important disclaimer comes with my review of the GLAMGLOW FlashMud Brightening Treatment Mask (orange pot): the PR who talked me through the range told me that this was the only mask that might not be suitable for my sensitive skin.  It contains both physical exfoliating properties as well as lactic acid and salicylic acid to help skin cell turnover. As a general rule, anything that promises to brighten/make the skin glow tends to be the mortal enemy of my skin. But I’m here to try these things so you don’t have to! You apply the mask, massage it into the face and leave for minimum 20 minutes for the full effect (you’re also meant to use it 3 days in a row to see the best results, FYI). As I left the bathroom after gently massaging the mask into my skin, I could feel it tingling and over the next 5 minutes my face became very warm. I left it on for 10 minutes and then removed it. My skin was very red and warm and it provoked a flare up that lasted about 10 minutes but the redness and heat disappeared after that. As a side note, my skin felt and looked absolutely wonderful once the redness had gone down: smooth, soft, glowing and healthy-looking. If you have sensitive skin I’d probably steer clear of this specific mask, but if you don’t have atypical skin then I think this would be a wonderful one to try if you’re looking to combat dull skin or pigmentation.

I was intrigued by the brand new GLAMGLOW GravityMud Firming Treatment Mask (the purple pot, which is currently not available anywhere except the GLAMGLOW website) because it not only dries to a silver-y chrome finish that makes you look like a robot, but it also peels off. As fun as peel-off masks are, they tend to irritate my skin. This mask also contains a lot of denatured alcohol (3rd ingredient) which means it’s not a friend to my oily and sensitive skin. However, my husband tried it and loved it: he didn’t notice a lifting or firming effect but thought his skin felt very soft. He has the ultimate ‘normal’ skin – never dry, oily or sensitive… Can you tell I’m very bitter and jealous about that? Please note that this product is only 40g, in comparison to the 5og size of the others. Not sure why…

GLAMGLOW Face Mask Review - GLAMGLOW GravityMud Review

All of the masks are £39 – I think they used to be £49 in the UK and the conversion from US prices would be £54 each! MADNESS. £39 may seem pricey for some people but the pots are a good size and I think they would last for a long time. It’s worth noting that all of the masks say ‘not suitable for sensitive skin’ on the packaging, but as mentioned above I think the orange and purple ones are the only masks I wouldn’t use again due to my sensitivity. As always, remember that everyone’s skin is different and rosacea in particular is very individual. Nothing I write on this blog is gospel so please take precautions: patch test products before applying to the whole face; if possible try them at times when you don’t need to leave the house (just in case!); and have a damp, cold flannel and some calming products ready in case you do have a reaction – I’d recommend having a facial mist in the fridge and a light soothing cream nearby.

Shall we summarise my GLAMGLOW face mask review for those of you with short attention spans? Hopefully this will be helpful for those of you who don’t have sensitive skin and just want to know which mask to go for!

  • YouthMud Mask – Great for exfoliating dull and dry skin and for targeting congested skin. No aggravation for my sensitive skin. Leaves skin feeling calm, soft and smooth. My second favourite mask from the range.
  • SuperMud Mask – Aimed at acne-prone or oily skin as it’s designed to mattify and clarify. It was quite aggravating to my sensitive skin and made my skin red but did leave it smooth and healthy looking after the redness had gone down.
  • ThirstyMud Mask – A great hydrating and soothing mask. Not at all aggravating to my rosacea, in fact feels very cooling. Not hugely different to other moisturising masks I’ve tried.
  • PowerMud Mask – My favourite from the range! A deep-cleansing mud to oil mask that left my skin feeling super clean, smooth and plump. No irritation.
  • FlashMud Mask – Not suitable for sensitive skin (induced a small, minor rosacea flare up) but the results after the flare up make me think it would be fantastic for other skin types. If I hadn’t reacted to it, this would be my favourite, as my skin felt incredible and looked very glowy and healthy.
  • GravityMud Mask – Slight irritation of my sensitive skin due to denatured alcohol and peeling formula. But when others with no sensitivities tried it, they were huge fans but didn’t notice a lifting effect. It’s flipping SILVER and SHINY!

GLAMGLOW Face Mask Review

GLAMGLOW have also released some incredible gift sets for Christmas which are a great way to trial the products if you don’t want to shell out on a full size pot just yet. The first gift set is the GLAMGLOW Sexy YouthMud set. You get a full size (50g) GLAMGLOW YouthMud Mask as well as 30g tubes of the GLAMGLOW ThirstyMud Mask and the GLAMGLOW SuperMud Mask. However, personally I think the GLAMGLOW Sexy Treatment set (strange name…) is the best value: you get four 30g tubes featuring GLAMGLOW YouthMud, SuperMud, ThirstyMud and GravityMud (the brand new one!) That’s 120g of mask for the same price as one 50g full size pot!

Have you tried any of these masks? I’d love to hear what you think of my GLAMGLOW face mask review, especially if you don’t have sensitive skin so can give an alternative point of view. Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Maike
    2nd October 2017 / 5:31 pm

    With the supermud, how long did it take for the redness to go away? i just used it and my face is red and you can see the lines were I didn’t but the mask :-/ but I did just put on some soothing thirstymud 🙂

    • Lex
      2nd October 2017 / 6:21 pm

      Mine went down after about 20 minutes. Try holding some ice cubes in your mouth too cool you down, I find that helps me too x

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