Is It Spring Yet? Sephora ‘Bikini Party’ Swatches

For the last three days of our break in the South of France, it has been absolutely glorious sunshine and it’s amazing what it can do for your mood. I feel happier, brighter, lighter, plus it’s so much easier to wake up on a morning when you can see the light streaming through the window from outside. My summery mood must have affected my beauty shopping, as on one of my inevitable trips to Sephora last week, I picked up Sephora ‘Bikini Party’ and I knew instantly that it would be love.

Sephora 'Bikini Party' swatches

Sephora ‘Bikini Party’ is one of those shades that instantly brightens an outfit and your mood. Even my mum, who is very much a pearly-pink-nude nails kind of woman commented on how pretty it was when I picked it up in the store. Turquoise colours are wonderful on all skin tones and I have a beautiful one from Topshop that is similar… and I found that that one was just as hard to photograph! These photos make the colour lean more towards a baby blue turquoise, but it’s definitely more green in person. Did you know all the colours are listed on Wikipedia? I love trawling through them… is that odd? Probably. But anyway, it has come in useful as I’ve found the closest colour to how this shade looks to me – Robin Egg Blue! The internet is a bloody marvel…

I didn’t have my usual base and top coats with me on holiday, so apologies for the slightly messy manicure below. Normal service will resume shortly!

Sephora Bikini Party swatches

Interestingly, when I went to get the link to this polish on the Sephora website, I couldn’t find any of the Sephora own brand nail varnishes. Then I noticed that the Sephora X polishes had disappeared as well. After some digging on forums and blogs, it looks like all the Sephora branded nail varnishes are being discontinued as they’re not selling as well as they’d hoped. I always thought Sephora X polishes were pricey for what they were, but these little bottles are really well priced (I think this was about €3) so it’ll be a shame if they do go. There seemed to be huge stands of them still in stores so hopefully they’re just being reintroduced on the website at a later date.

What polishes do you reach for when you want to feel a bit more summery? What are your go-to shades when the sun’s shining (or you just want to pretend it is!)? Let me know in the comments, I am always happy to be enabled into buying more nail varnishes!



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  1. 2nd April 2017 / 9:11 pm

    This shade is gorgeous! i have a similar one but I can’t remember the shade or brand… 😀
    I usually go for any pastel shades, blue is definitely my fave! :)x

    Anu |

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