FRIDAY FAVES: Growing Up, Good Music, and (Rose) Gold Nails

Friday! Friday! Gotta get down on Friday! If you now have that song stuck in your head, you may be interested in the playlist at the bottom of this post – chock full of amazing songs to replace that annoying earworm! Yep, it’s Friday Faves time and this week I have some beauty, a book, and a flipping shameful playlist. Don’t forget to tell my your favourite things this week, the comments are wide open!

Friday Faves: Daisy Buchanan's book 'How To Be A Grown Up' (buy it immediately!) and essie 'To Have And To Gold', the perfect rose gold polish.

GOOD WEEK: I was finally able to announce that I am going to be on TV! You can read all about it HERE, but long story short: I’ve been working on a Channel 4 and Remarkable Television programme presented by Katie Piper. It’s all about various skin conditions and I’m ridiculously nervous but also so proud and pleased to raise awareness of rosacea. It’s on next Tuesday (11th of April) on Channel 4, at 10pm – let me know if you tune in!

BAD WEEK: I fell in the shower and banged my knee so much that it’s still swollen three days later. Is 32 too young to get one of those old-lady-rubber-shower-mats? Answers on a postcard…

But enough about my inability to stay upright! Let’s crack on with my Friday Faves:

The amazing Daisy Buchanan released her first book ‘How To Be A Grown Up‘ and it is flipping WONDERFUL. It arrived yesterday and I’ve nearly finished it already. It’s full to the brim with advice and stories but feels just like chatting to a wise and understanding friend. I’ve been snort-laughing, weeping, having flashbacks to youthful idiocy, nodding along and I’m already so excited to pass it along to others who need it. I was going to say that I wish I’d had this book when I was in my early 20s, but I think I need it even more now!

Friday Faves: Daisy Buchanan's book 'How To Be A Grown Up'. A funny, wise and comforting book that I will be recommending to every woman I meet!

If you’ve been searching for the perfect rose gold nail varnish then I am about to make your day. The recent essie Bridal collection is flipping gorgeous overall, but I think the jewel in the crown is ‘To Have And To Gold‘*. Great coverage, easy to apply, incredible colour and so long-lasting – just a 10 all round for me. I put this on on Sunday and I’m still wearing it – inconceivable! You can see my full review of the range HERE to see all the beautiful shades in the range.

Essie Bridal 2017 'To Have And To Hold'

This ‘Shame’ playlist has been a favourite of mine for ages, but this week it has really come into its own so it definitely needed to make an appearance in my Friday Faves. If you love a bit of cheesy, sing-along music then I think this will be right up your street. If you have any songs you think I should add then please let me know, it’s 13 hours long already but I feel like it needs to be much, much longer. It is gloriously happy and perfect for a Friday afternoon. You are welcome!

What are your Friday Faves this week? I love hearing about new things you’ve been trying, or old loves that you’re still holding a flame for. Let me know in the comments below!


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