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I’m excited to show you the new GOSH AW 17 Collection today. GOSH are one of my favourite high street beauty brands: not only are they really well priced and have a wide range of products, but they are also cruelty free and have a lot of vegan products (you can find the full list of their vegan products HERE) – something hard to find on the highstreet.

GOSH AW 17 Collection review

I’m still testing out bits and pieces from the GOSH AW 17 collection, but I wanted to show you what’s included in the range as there’s currently a 3 for 2 offer on at Superdrug, so if anything here catches your eye you can get it for a bargain!

GOSH AW 17 Collection review eyeshadow palette

If you’ve never tried the GOSH eyeshadow palettes then I really recommend them. The colours are great, the pigmentation and lasting power is really impressive, and they’re only £11.99 for nine shades. Bargain! The palette they’ve released for AW (it’s called the ‘To Party In London’ eyeshadow palette*) is a lovely mix of warm neutrals and rich darker shades. On the Superdrug site it says that this is a mix of mattes and shimmers, but I think each shadow in this palette has a metallic sheen to it. However they still blend really nicely, with no chunky glittery finish.

GOSH AW 17 Collection review

I’m very choosy about my mascaras so I’ll be interested to see how this one fares. I have very sensitive, watery eyes so most tend to end up smudging or irritating me. From the product description, it sounds like My Favourite Mascara* is a tubing mascara – this means that it forms a flexible coat around each individual lash that won’t budge until you wash it off with warm water (and comes off the lashes in the little tiny tubes!) Tubing mascaras are great for those of us with sensitive eyes as you don’t have use products near your eyes.

I’ve brought the Growth Serum for ‘Brows’* on holiday with me as I wanted to start trying it out straight away! Obviously I need to give this product a few weeks of consistent use before I see any change. The product isn’t on their website yet so I couldn’t find any information on the tests they’ve done to back up the growth claims but I’m willing to try it out as my brows are quite sparse on the arch and I’m always interested in bulking them out! It has a tiny brush for precise application (which is a little bit scratchy for those of you with very sensitive skin) and isn’t sticky so I haven’t had an issue applying it before bed. This has been the last step in my night-time skincare routine. I’ll keep you updated!

GOSH AW 17 Collection review - Primer Plus

Primer Plus+ Skin Adaptor ‘Chameleon 005’* – I’m always a bit wary of these products that claim to adapt to every skin tone. What they mean by this is that they have tiny capsules of pigmented foundation suspended in a cream base so that as you rub the product on to the skin they break and tint the cream. The more you rub, the more capsules burst and the darker the colour. Therefore, as someone fairly pale, these tend to be a little orange on me. I’m going to play about with this a little, testing different ways of applying it, to see if I can work around the Oompa Loompa issue! As a general rule, the GOSH primers are very good so I’ll persevere.

GOSH AW 17 Collection review - colour corrector palette

As someone with a lot to colour correct, I always have my eye out for affordable palettes like this! The GOSH Colour Corrector Kit* is small enough to be convenient but has decent size pans which makes it a bargain at £11.99. The palette includes five shades: beige (for concealing, if you quite have a pale skin tone…), yellow (for veins or under eye bags on fair skin tones), green (for redness), lilac (for yellow tones), and peach (for veins or under eye bags on medium skin tones). I did a video showing how to use green concealer to cover redness – without looking like the Hulk! – which you can watch HERE.

GOSH AW 17 Collection review - Lumi Drops 'Rose Gold'

I’ve reviewed the GOSH Lumi Drops in the past and am always excited when new shades are released. It’s a sheer liquid highlighter and this one is ‘Rose Gold’*. I’ve been using it as a highlighter/blush hybrid and patting it onto my cheeks and cheekbones once I’ve finished my base. It has a beautiful gold shimmer to it that is very pretty. As it’s sheer, you can make it as subtle or intense as you like just by building up the layers.

GOSH AW 17 Collection review - Banana powder

I have oily skin so always need to set my foundation and concealer, and the original GOSH Prime ‘n Set powder (the white one) is one of my favourite loose powders, so I am very intrigued to properly try out the  Prime ‘n’ Set ‘Banana’* powder. It may look like it would only suit Lisa Simpson but once on the skin it looks very natural (although if you’re very fair, it’s probably one to miss!) and can actually help to correct redness and under eye darkness. I might do a video on this in the future if you’d like to see it in action over my rosacea redness? Let me know in the comments below if that would help!

GOSH AW 17 Collection review

I have been pleasantly surprised by this Eyeshadow primer* – it has a soft, creamy pencil on one end and a sponge to blend on the other end. The formula of the pencil isn’t thick or sticky so doesn’t feel heavy on the eyes, but is quite light coloured (there is one other shade but it doesn’t look too much darker than this one from pictures I’ve seen). The sponge is a little too rough for me, so I think I’ll use my Beauty Blender to smudge it out instead. It was a really nice base for eyeshadow so I’m going to test it out on this holiday to see if it helps with the longevity of my eye make up.

Finding products for blonde hair can be an issue, and finding affordable ones is even more tricky. The Brow Shape & Fill in ‘002 Grey Brown’* is a great colour match:  grey-tones mean that the colour is perfect for blondes, no ginger tint in sight! This product has an angled pencil on one end that means you can easily fill in brows using the thicker side of the wedge, but draw precise hairs with the thin side. The other end has a sponge with brow powder inside to give more depth and colour. This is probably my current favourite product in the GOSH AW 17 collection and one that I’ll get use from everyday.

The Lift & Highlight pencil in ‘Nude 001’* is a great way to easily spot-highlight. You can draw precise highlight on your brow bone to lift the brow, on your cupid’s bow (the ‘m’ shaped bit of your top lip), and in the inner corners of your eye (to brighten). One end has a shimmery highlighter pencil, and the other has a matte pencil.

And that’s the whole GOSH AW 17 Collection! I’m still testing out some of the products so keep an eye on my blog and my instagram for my thoughts. Let me know which of the products above appeals to you most and which you’d be most interested in me reviewing in more depth. Don’t forget that there’s currently a 3 for 2 deal on at Superdrug, so you can try out some of these things and save a bit of money!


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