Kiko Fall 2.0 Collection Review

You know when you totally fall in love with the packaging of something and then hope against hope that what is inside is just as lovely? Thankfully, the Kiko Fall 2.0 collection * ticks all the boxes. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Kiko Fall 2.0 Collection - inspired by the glamour and beauty of Venice

So let’s start off by talking about the Kiko Fall 2.0 collection packaging I love so much. The range is inspired by Venice – with a focus on glamour and mystery – but the packaging feels very futuristic and chic, with bold navy and gold detailing, and lovely textured outer packaging. It’s so tactile and satisfying to hold, making it feel a lot more luxurious and pricey than it actually is. This is only part of the collection but I’d really recommend having a peek at the whole thing as there are some very exciting bits including some gorgeous eyeshadows and a very pretty highlighter. Kiko are one of the most exciting brands on the highstreet: so affordable, a massive range of exciting products, but they feel quite high-end. If you haven’t popped into a store, I really recommend it!

I don’t like posting reviews of make up without including photos of it actually on my face, but I’ve had some problems with my neck and shoulder recently so I’m struggling to apply make up. As soon as I’m back to normal I’ll update this post with some pictures so you can see these gorgeous products in action!

Kiko Fall 2.0 Collection

The Kiko Extreme Lipgloss* wasn’t something that initially caught my eye just because I’m a matte lip girl, through and through. However, as lipglosses go this is one that might convert me. It’s not at all sticky, smells a bit minty, and has a really pretty shimmer running through it.

Kiko Fall 2.0 Collection - Lip Gloss

Kiko Lip Stylo in ’02 Modern Mauve’* – now this is much more up my street! A beautifully creamy lipstick that dries down to a semi-matte finish… I’m sold! It’s incredibly pigmented, smells like vanilla, feels comfortable on the lips, and lasts well throughout the day. I loved pairing this with the Kiko Lip Liner in ’02 Modern Mauve’*, a very creamy and easy to apply liner. This shade is the perfect autumnal combination of a berry and mauve shade… although there’s an absolutely beautiful dove grey and a grey-purple in this range that are just screaming to be included in my Unwearable Lex series so I might have to treat myself…

Lip Stylo 'Modern Mauve'


I was excited about the Kiko Fall 2.0 Mascara* as soon as I saw the teeny tiny little stumpy wand. It was a dream to apply as the small brush means you can not only really work the wand into the base and corners of your lashes, but you can also style your lashes in a very targeted way. Unfortunately this mascara started to flake on me by the end of the day, but my eyes are very awkward when it comes to mascara so if flaking isn’t typically an issue for you then I think you’d love this.

Kiko Fall 2.0 Collection mascara

There are two Duo Bronzer shades in this range and I was sent the lightest of the two, the Kiko Duo Bronzer in ’01 Bright Life’* … which still looks a little dark for me because I’m a bit of a bronzer scaredy-cat. It’s quite pigmented so, if you’re fair like me, you’ll only need a touch to give you a lovely healthy glow. The metallic lighter shade at the bottom is seriously beautiful and I wish the pan was split half and half as I’ll definitely use a lot more of the lighter shade! It’s quite intense, with an almost wet-look finish which I love.

Kiko Fall 2.0 Collection - Duo Bronzer 'Bright Life'

Kiko Fall 2.0 Collection - Duo Bronzer 'Bright Life'

The Kiko Metallic Liner in ’03 Copper Addict’* is a creamy pencil liner that walks the line between gold and peach. This looks so pretty as an inner corner highlight to add some sparkle and brightness. It can also be used as a lip liner, something I wish more brands would do as you never get as fun colours in the lip liner ranges!

Kiko Fall 2.0 Collection lip and eyeliners

I love a shimmery liquid eyeliner, and I love them even more when they have a felt tip rather than a brush (I find the former are a lot kinder to crinkly eyelids!) The Kiko Metallic Liquid Liner in ’01 Future Is Gold’* is easy to apply, doesn’t flake once dried, and looks smooth on the eye. On my pale skin, the light gold colour is also very forgiving so you don’t need to be as neat as you would with a darker colour – great for beginners or those with unsteady hands.

And lastly, the Kiko Eye Contour mask* which is a beautiful lace-patterned eye mask designed to replicate the glamorous masquerade ball masks. It’s a hydrogel mask which are by far my favourite types of mask as they are so cooling and soothing, especially around the eyes. I haven’t tried this out yet but keep an eye on my instagram stories for the inevitable selfies where I pretend to be a Venetian princess…!

Which are your stand out items in the Kiko Fall 2.0 collection? Is the packaging making you swoon as much as it is for me? Let me know in the comments below! If you’re interested in my other reviews of Kiko products you can find them HERE (FYI their nail varnishes are seriously good, I highly recommend!)


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Kiko Fall 2.0 Collection - inspired by the glamour and beauty of Venice


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