Talonted Lips And Tips: Week Four

I can’t believe that we’ve come to the end of Talonted Lips And Tips! 30 days, 30 different matching lips and manicures. I started off planning to just do plain and simple looks, as a way to use up some of my huge stash of lipsticks and nail varnishes, but then I (foolishly?) did a leopard print look and it was so popular that I felt like I couldn’t go back to simple looks!

Talonted Lips And Tips instagram challenge - 30 days, 30 matching lipstick and nail looks

I am really proud of the looks I created this month. It was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoyed the challenge as much as me!  You can catch up on the previous weeks of Talonted Lips And Tips here: week onetwo, and three.

Raincloud lip art and nail art (Talonted Lips And Tips challenge)


I think this might be my favourite look in the whole challenge, it just feels very silly and fun. As with all the looks, I painted the detail with a tiny, tiny paintbrush and it was so fiddly (especially after three cups of strong coffee!) but I love it.

PRODUCTS USED: L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect foundation* // Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick ‘Woolf’ // Sephora Cream Lip Stain ’30 Sea Mist’ // acrylic paint // Essie ‘Lace Me Up’* and ‘Avenue Maintain’ // Cheeky ‘Matt Demon’ topcoat*

Brick lip art and nail art ((Talonted Lips And Tips challenge)


Another look that I was really proud of. Someone asked me if it was harder to do lip art than nail art because lips are soft… and it is but I think it’s much harder because of the texture. When you draw a line on your nails, all you have to worry about is the steadiness of your hands, but with lips you need to have a steady hand *and* cope with the lines and bumps as well! This looks required lots of layers where I patted/sponged different colours on to the nails to give that textured brick look. I am really happy with how these came out on the first try!

PRODUCTS USED: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation //MUA Cosmetics Velvet Lip Lacquer ‘Firecracker’* // Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte ‘Mercury Rising’ // LA Splash Smitten Waterproof LipTint Mousse ‘Charmed’ // Sephora Cream Lip Stain ‘Chai Latte’ // Essie ‘Party On A Platform’*, ‘Fear Or Desire’, ‘Looks To Thrill’*, ‘Clothing Optional’*, and ‘All Eyes On Nude’* // Cheeky ‘Matt Demon’ topcoat*.

Marble lip art and nail art (Talonted Lips And Tips challenge)


I know, I know, I’m such a blogger cliché but I had to do a marble look. I’m thinking of doing a nail art tutorial on marble nails – let me know if you’d be interested in that. And let me know if you’d like tutorials on any of the others looks from Talonted Lips And Tips!

PRODUCTS USED: L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect foundation* // MUA Cosmetics Velvet Lip Lacquer ‘Potency’* // L’Oréal Paris Infallible Mega Gloss ‘Clear’ // acrylic paint // Kiko nail varnish ’45 Black’ // Seche Vite topcoat

strawberry lip art and nail art (Talonted Lips And Tips challenge)


I wasn’t happy with the nail art in this look but love the lips so I’m calling that a win! This was fiddly but fun to try.

PRODUCTS USED: L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect foundation* // Collection Velvet Kiss Lip Cream ‘Rosie’* // MUA Cosmetics Velvet Lip Lacquer ‘Firecracker’* // Maybelline Master Ink eyeliner ‘White’ // NYX Vivid Brights ‘Halo’* // Lottie London ‘Bedazzled’* // Essie ‘Fishnet Stockings’ // OPI ‘Need Sunglasses?’ // acrylic paint // Cheeky ‘Matt Demon’ topcoat*

naked nails and lips, natural nails (Talonted Lips And Tips challenge)


Probably the most shocking post of the whole Talonted Lips and Tips challenge! I never have naked nails and am never seen without lipstick so this is a rare sight. This photo shows my talons in all their naked glory and my lips along with all their flaws: piercing scars, sun damage and the weird burn mark on my lip.

PRODUCTS USED: The Ordinary Serum Foundation* // Maybelline Baby Lips Gloss* // Rimmel Nail Nurse topcoat*

Christmas make up, candy cane nail art, candy cane lip art, glitter lips (Talonted Lips And Tips challenge)


The last day of Talonted Lips and Tips was the 31st of November and so it obviously had to be a Christmassy look. This candy cane look was the most annoying one to do, the glitter got EVERYWHERE and took so much clean up. But the end look is cool so that’s all that matters, right?

PRODUCTS USED: L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect foundation* // Glitter Lips ‘Ruby Slippers’* // Maybelline Master Ink eyeliner ‘White’ // China Glaze ‘Ruby Pumps’ // acrylic paint // Seche Vite topcoat


I really hope that you have enjoyed the Talonted Lips And Tips challenge as much as me. I don’t think I really thought the idea through and didn’t full realise the commitment and time it would take to post a new look every single day… but it was a lot of fun and a great way to push myself. It helped re-spark my love for nail art and made me try lip art which I now love!

If you’re on Twitter I made this challenge into a Twitter Moment, which you can see (and if you’re feeling kind, please share!) HERE.

I’d love to try a new challenge early next year so if you have any ideas for a daily instagram picture to do with make up or nails let me know!


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  1. 4th December 2017 / 11:12 pm

    I have trouble just painting my nails one colour let alone turning them into art and as for the matching lipstick looks – just amazing.

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