Tips For A Flawless Base: Foundation And Application Methods

It’s time to continue my Flawless Base series, and in today’s post we’re really getting down to the nitty-gritty: foundations and application methods (plus some cleaning tips). This is the post I’ve most looked forward to in this series, as foundation is the make up item that is truly transformative for me due to my rosacea. After I put on my foundation, I feel happier and more like myself as it takes me to the base point from which everyone else is starting.

My tips for how to achieve a flawless base: all my favourite foundations and application methods (all suitable for sensitive, rosacea skin)

If you haven’t seen the other posts in my Flawless Base series, you can catch up here: primers, and colour correcting.

It is impossible for me to isolate one single product when I’m asked about my favourite foundation. I pick and choose depending on the weather, how my rosacea is looking, how long I need it to last, how much time I have, how ‘made up’ I want to look… so many variables!

I thought I’d start with full coverage foundations as they are the types of products that I relied on for a very long time to give me a flawless base. If you have a skin condition or you aren’t confident in your skin then it can be very tempting to find the thickest, heaviest make up available and pile it on (in fact I did the same back in the day and recreated that delightful look HERE). Thankfully I have found products that offer a lot of coverage without the horrible cakey/greasy/obvious make up look.

  • DiorSkin Forever – incredible coverage, matte finish (so great for oily-skinned-folk like me) but a glowy look. Just dreamy. You can see my full video review HERE (although it was pre-proper-vlogging-camera so the quality is a little shoddy!)
  • IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness* – This is designed to either be a full face base, or to be a colour correcting product to go under other base products. I was very pleasantly surprised at the coverage and the finish of the product, but I wasn’t as keen on the packaging or the shade range (which has been extended in the US I believe). Full video review, where I directly compare it to the cult IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream, HERE.
  • Vichy Dermablend* – This is a cult product but can be a little too heavy for some. It’s unbelievable coverage and lasts on the skin very well, but it is obvious you’re wearing make up. Video review HERE (again, it’s an older video so not HD!)

More and more frequently I am reaching for medium coverage foundations, but doing a few layers to get the flawless base that I like. I think this gives a really lovely and more natural finish to the skin as you can tailor the coverage. My rosacea is focused on my cheeks, nose and the right side of my forehead, so on the rest of my face I only need a light layer of foundation to even out the tone and texture.

  • The Ordinary Serum Foundation* – I’ve banged on about this foundation a lot. It even appeared in my ‘favourite products of 2017’ post. I much preferred it to The Ordinary Coverage foundation (comparison video review HERE) but this is so light on the skin and looks incredibly natural even when I layer it. It doesn’t give tons of coverage so I wouldn’t wear it on a bad skin day but I’m still in love!
  • L’Oréal Paris True Match – I’ve raved and raved about True Match for years because it’s a great all-rounder: it is buildable so it can be high coverage, it lasts well on my oily skin, it doesn’t look or feel heavy and it it available on the highstreet. (side note: I also love the new L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect foundation which is aimed at mature skin but is very glowy and pretty without being dewy and greasy). Review HERE.
  • Frezyderm Sensitive Red Skin* – If you want something very light and subtle then I love this product. It was a favourite of mine in the summer when I couldn’t bear the feeling of full make up but needed something to take the edge off my redness. There’s more information on it HERE.
  • Heroine Make Mineral BB Cream – I first tried this on a whim on our first trip to Japan but I loved it so much I stocked up on our recent trip. It’s on the higher end of the coverage for such a lightweight cream and I love it.
  • IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream* – This product gives a natural, glowy finish to the skin so I only wear this on days when I don’t need it to last a full day. It’s lighter coverage than I expected (as you can see from this review) so I would typically use a colour corrector underneath.

I mentioned the GOSH Mix & Fix Colour Drops* in the Flawless Base colour correcting post, but they needed a special mention here as well. It can be tricky to find the perfect foundation shade so whoever came up with the concept of lightening and darkening drops is a GENIUS. As you would expect, you add a few drops of the product in order to lighten or darken your foundation shade… and they’re only £8.49 each!

When it comes to make up application tools, you will probably know by now that I’m a Beauty Blender obsessive – I’ve tried a few of the cheaper versions but they’re either too hard or fall apart very quickly, so I always plump for the slightly-more-expensive-but IMHO-better Beauty Blenders. Applying foundation with a damp Beauty Blender is super quick and gives a great finish (plus it’s great for sensitive skin as you’re not aggravating the skin as much) and I could never go back to brushes. However, I know that some people love using brushes so I’ve included my favourites: the Real Techniques Stippling Brush, the B. Blending Brush, and the Zoeva Buffer Brush.

With any make up tools, you have to make sure you clean them properly or they can easily spread bacteria to your face. My favourite cleaning methods are the Blender Cleanser Solid* (a solid soap that you swirl your brush/sponge into to clean it), the B. Makeup Brush Cleanser (which you spray onto a cotton pad to rub the brush into), and the Shiseido Sponge Cleaner (the quickest and most effective sponge cleaner I’ve ever used – I put a few drops on a wet sponge, rub gently and run under the tap to rinse clean. FYI I’ve never bought from this seller, so as always be careful buying online!)

My tips for how to achieve a flawless base: all my favourite foundations and application methods (all suitable for sensitive, rosacea skin)

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this instalment of the Flawless Base series – the next stage is the final one: Concealers, Powders and Setting Sprays. Did I include any of your favourite products, or any that you are keen to try? Let me know in the comments below!


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My tips for how to achieve a flawless base: all my favourite foundations and application methods (all suitable for sensitive, rosacea skin)


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