How To Use A Rosacea Flare Up Diary (FREE Digital Download!)

One of the most common questions in my inbox is ‘how do I find out what is making my rosacea flare up?’ It’s a fair question, but it’s also a BIG question. Rosacea is a tricky beast and one that requires a lot of attention and time, which many of us don’t have. So in order to help, I have designed a Rosacea Flare Up Diary, which you can download below.

(P.S I’ve also designed a Rosacea Triggers Checklist, there’s more information about that at the bottom of the page!)

Get your Rosacea Flare Up Diary. I've developed a digital download sheet to help you keep track of your rosacea flare ups. Rosacea advice and tips from a sufferer. #talontedlex


If you’re new here, you’re probably wondering who I am and why I’m equipped to give advice about rosacea. I want to make it clear upfront that I am not a doctor. I am not a dermatologist. I am not an expert, apart from the fact that I have lived and breathed this condition for most of my adult life. I was diagnosed 14 years ago and I have been blogging about my skin here for 6+ years, using my platforms to advocate for and campaign about rosacea and skin positivity. I’m immersed in countless groups and communities about rosacea; have tried so many products; sought advice and treatments; and spoken to many dermatologists and – more importantly in my opinion – so many rosacea sufferers. I wanted to use this knowledge and expertise to try to help the community that has supported me more than I could ever fully explain.


The name should be pretty descriptive, but I have designed an easy way to make a note of your flare ups which can then be used to identify patterns and hopefully help to eliminate or reduce your triggers. When I first sat down to design this Rosacea Flare Up Diary, I tried to remember how I felt when I was diagnosed 14 years ago. I tried to think of the resources and information that I would have found helpful and I kept coming back to anything to do with triggers and tracking what I think caused my flare ups. It can feel incredibly overwhelming when you’re first diagnosed with (or beginning to wonder if you have) rosacea as it can often feel like you are flaring up at random, with a million and one things that could be contributing to your issues. It can often feel like we have so many things to consider which can be off-putting. But – for me – the effort to identify my triggers and causes of my flares ups has absolutely been worth it.

With all this in mind I have put together a digital download Rosacea Flare Up Diary. On each A4 page there are 3 separate entry sections, with each entry designed to cover one flare up (there are also instructions here on how to print double-sided to save paper – something that took me ages to figure out because I’m apparently technologically feeble!) It is a free printable that you can download and use as you need to.

If you have any issues with your download, please message me HERE and I’ll send it to you directly.

I hope the Rosacea Flare Up Diary is self-explanatory but let me know if anything isn’t clear. I made this diary because I wish that I’d had something like this when I was first diagnosed – not only would these sheets be great to track the flare ups for your own information but I also think these would be really helpful to take to your doctor/dermatologist to help you discuss potential triggers and what may be affecting your skin. I hope you find this download useful. Please do let me know in the comments below if there is anything missing from these sheets that you would find useful, as I can potentially add to them in the future.

Earlier today I also published another blog post with tips and a digital download that I designed to serve as a Rosacea Triggers Checklist. If you haven’t seen it, you can find it HERE. Each download is designed to work independently but I also think they will work well alongside each other to help you to diarise your rosacea flare ups and – in turn – help you to manage them.

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Repin and click to get your Rosacea Flare Up Diary. I've developed a digital download sheet to help you keep track of your rosacea flare ups. Rosacea advice and tips from a sufferer. #talontedlex


  1. Lauren
    1st May 2019 / 2:16 pm

    Hi Lex! Thank you for sharing the rosacea triggers and rosacea flare up diary. I’m new to the rosacea arena and your site, blogs, IG, and other outlets have become my go-to to help make sense and process rosacea-related information. So, THANK YOU!!!!

    I am writing because I received the two digital downloads for the triggers and diary, but the pdfs are blank upon opening. I’m in the U.S. so perhaps that is somehow a factor?! Regardless, would you be willing to share them in another format that is accessible? Many thanks <3

    • Lex
      1st May 2019 / 6:40 pm

      Hi Lauren – thank you for your lovely comment! That’s so strange about the PDFs, I’ve had others from the US download it with no issues so not sure why that’s happened. Drop me an email using the contact me section at the top of the page and I’ll just email the PDFs directly to you and see if that works x

  2. Kara
    2nd April 2022 / 12:01 am


    I LOVE your posts and you tube videos. I’ve recently been diagnosed and have never been good with makeup but I am trying a couple you recommended because of your videos and demonstrations – so THANK YOU! I’m sorry to hear you received so many negative responses that you are no longer doing youtube videos. Thanks for putting your experience out there 🙂

    Thank you also for your flare up diary, this looks like a great way to try to track whats going on with my skin. It’s been really helpful to find useful and realistic information. I live in the US, in California, and telling someone not to go out in the sun here is impossible.

    You are appreciated!


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