Pinner Of The Year 2019!

So apparently I’m Pinner Of The Year… what?!

I'm Pinner Of The Year 2019! Read all about the recent Pinterest Awards on my blog. #talontedlex #pinneroftheyear #pinterestawards #pinterestmarketing #pinterestforbloggers

Anyone who spends more than 5 minutes with me will know that I’m a full-blown Pinterest addict. It’s getting a bit embarrassing actually. My husband will leave me making small talk with someone I’ve just met… and then come back 5 minutes later and I’m telling them why they should be on Pinterest and how it will change their life. It’s like a compulsion.

I joined Pinterest when I was planning my wedding back in 2014 and then never left. But it was when I started using it for my blog that I truly fell in love. It became my biggest driver of traffic, my biggest source of inspiration, and one of my favourite hobbies.

I'm Pinner Of The Year 2019! Read all about the recent Pinterest Awards on my blog. #talontedlex #pinneroftheyear #pinterestawards #pinterestmarketing #pinterestforbloggers

Over time I realised that there were so many bloggers and businesses out there who had no idea how to use Pinterest, no time to learn, and just wanted someone who lived and breathed the platform to step in and help them. So two years ago I started my own business as a freelance Pinterest manager, helping some amazing clients completely transform their accounts, engagement, and traffic. I know that it’s so rare to turn a much-loved hobby into a job and I feel really lucky.

When this year’s Pinterest Awards rolled around I was so excited to find out I was nominated for two awards (along with 6 of my current and former clients!) and even more over the moon to then win the runner-up award for the Best Beauty Tip 2019 (for THIS pin). So I toddled along to the awards day to meet and chat to the other nominees and winners, and to learn from the Pinterest staff talks throughout the day.

But to then be announced as the Pinner Of The Year 2019 – as chosen by Pinterest UK themselves – was such an incredible honour (and surprise!) and I’m still waiting for it to sink in.

According to Pinterest “The Pinner Of The Year is awarded to creators that consistently produce some of the best ideas and inspiration on the platform. Being chosen shows that you are a best in class creator on Pinterest.”

The actual award ceremony is a bit of a blur but the Pinterest team very kindly sent me the speech that the lovely guys from 2LG (the reigning 2018 Pinners Of The Year) gave:

“[The award goes to] Someone who consistently produces some of the best beauty tips on Pinterest – particularly content that promotes skin positivity for people with sensitive and atypical skin such as rosacea. This person’s advice truly helps Pinners build confidence and love the skin they’re in. I’m delighted to reveal that our Pinner of the Year award goes to Lex from Talonted Lex.

… I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Thank you so much to Pinterest UK – you’ve made a Pinterest obsessive very happy!

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I'm Pinner Of The Year 2019! Read all about the recent Pinterest Awards on my blog. #talontedlex #pinneroftheyear #pinterestawards #pinterestmarketing #pinterestforbloggers

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