Everything I’ve Learned In 15 Years Of Rosacea: A New Perspective

I still find it hard to accept that I was diagnosed with rosacea 15 years ago. I’ve now been dealing with this skin condition for longer than I was even aware of my skin. Until I was about 20, I didn’t understand what healthy skin meant, or the way that your appearance could impact your life, emotions, and happiness. I’ve learned so much about rosacea in the past 15 years and have been sharing it with you for the past 7 years (this post is the mothership of all rosacea information if you want a full summary).

So here’s my list: 15 things I’ve learned in 15 years of rosacea. I hope you find it useful, feel free to share your advice and thoughts in the comments below.

The 15 things I've learned in 15 years of rosacea. Rosacea advice and rosacea tips. Everything I know about rosacea. #talontedlex #rosaceasupport #skinpositivity #rosaceahelp

Everyone’s rosacea is different

What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. I use this blog to talk about the things that I love and the tips that have helped me in the hope that they can guide you as well, but you need to follow your own path.

Finding your triggers will be life-changing

It’s time-consuming, hard, and depressing sometimes, but it’s the best thing I ever did for my rosacea. There are tips HERE as well as a free download to help you track your triggers.

But sometimes the thing that triggers you is worth it

Just because you identify a trigger doesn’t mean it’s banished from your life forever. If I want a glass of wine, I’ll have one. If I want a hunk of cheese, I do it. Dancing like a loon makes me red but it brings me joy. Only you can know where line is between happiness-from-life and sadness-from-rosacea.

Comparison will drive you bonkers

Don’t compare yourself to people who don’t have rosacea. Don’t compare yourself to others with rosacea. Your skin, like your personality, is individual and focusing on yourself is the only way to stay sane.

No one knows your skin as well as you do

Friends, well-meaning strangers, even doctors… only you can know how your skin feels and you need to become your own advocate. Find your voice.

No one pays as much attention to your skin as you do

This is something I still have to remind myself. We judge ourselves so much more harshly than anyone else ever will – and everyone is too busy worrying about their own issues to worry about yours!

Stress is one of the most prevalent triggers but probably the hardest to avoid

Find things that calm you, make you smile, and help you to feel at peace. This post has some great tips on dealing with stress.

Find the SPF that works for you

UV light is another huge trigger for rosacea skin, so finding a product that works for you is key. My favourite is the La Roche-Posay Anthelios Shaka Invisible Fluid SPF 50 as it suits my sensitive but combination skin. (this is an affiliate link, so I get a small commission if you buy from this link at no extra cost to you).

Change your washing detergent

It took so long to make this link, but if something is touching your face for hours every night, it should be washed in something gentle. I still use the products mentioned in THIS post, long after our collaboration finished.

Skincare can help enormously, but patience is key

When making changes to your skincare, you can expect to wait between 4-12 weeks to see an improvement, depending on the product. Take it slow, introduce new products one by one, and listen to your skin.

Open up to those closest to you

Those who love you want to help, but unless they also suffer with a skin condition it can be hard for them to relate. Be honest about your feelings, how rosacea impacts you, tell them how they can support you.

Find your community

The rosacea community has been an enormous help for me, not only for advice and tips but for the emotional and psychological support they give. Search the hashtags on instagram (e.g. #rosaceaawareness) and join my private Facebook group, filled with friendly and knowledgeable sufferers from all over the world.

Anyone trying to sell you a ‘cure’ is a lying opportunist

If someone had found a cure for rosacea, you wouldn’t find out about it from a dodgy Instagram DM, it would be worldwide news. These people prey on the vulnerable, please don’t give them your money.

You have survived every single rosacea flare up before now

This one is no different. Rosacea feeds on stress, so worrying and spiralling when you have a flare up is making things so much worse. Whenever I have a flare up, the knowledge that I’ve handled every one before that actually helps to calm me down. HERE are some tips on how to calm a flare up when one strikes.

You are still the same person that you were before rosacea.You are so much more than your skin. Your rosacea is the least interesting thing about you.

This is my personal mantra and I offer it to you. Feel free to memorise it, write it on your mirror, tattoo it on your backside… do whatever you need to to hear, absorb, and believe it.

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The 15 things I've learned in 15 years of rosacea. Rosacea advice and rosacea tips. Everything I know about rosacea. #talontedlex #rosaceasupport #skinpositivity #rosaceahelp

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