Summery Orange Nail Art

We may not be able to go anywhere exciting right now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t embrace the summery vibes with some cute orange nail art. This is a very quick and easy nail art look – you don’t even need fancy nail art tools…

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Start with a base colour – you can choose any shade you like but I’d recommend choosing one that will really bring out the colour of the oranges. I went with Essie ‘Ballet Slippers’, a cult classic shade for a reason.

Wait for that to fully dry, choose your orange polish – I used Essie ‘Fear or Desire’ which is sadly discontinued. Then you need to find something to create the dots that will form your oranges. You could use a dotting tool if you have one. Or (like me) use the round end of a detail paintbrush. You could even use the end of an old pen or pencil… basically anything that gives you a domed surface to dip into nail polish and dab onto the nail.

TIP: Clean the end of your dotting tool after every 3rd dot, otherwise the nail varnish begins to get stringy which leaves tiny lines all over your nails which looks messy.

Use the tip of your dotting tool/paintbrush/pencil to draw the tiny leaves on the oranges. If you don’t think your hands are steady enough, try laying the side of the tool onto the nail in a stamping motion, rather than trying to draw a line with the tip. I used Essie ‘On The Roadie’ (also discontinued…!)

Once those have dried you an apply your top coat. As always I used Seche Vite, as it dries almost instantly and gives your manicure an incredibly shiny finish. And that’s it – adorable orange nail art to show off! It may sound a bit fiddly but I think you’d be surprised at how quick it is. If you give it a go, tag me on instagram (or wherever you post it!) – my name is @talontedlex on everything.

The rings are from Daisy London – on my thumb I’m wearing the Trinity Ring (PR gifted) and the other is the Double Leaf Ring (birthday present).

Are you a fan of this cute orange nail art? Do you think you’ll give it a go? You can see my other nail art posts HERE.



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