How To Use Affirmation Cards

Have you heard people raving about the benefits of positive affirmations, or affirmation cards, but have no idea what they are talking about? Know what they are but feel unsure how they work or how they can work for you? This post is for you.

Photo of a Real Skin Club Affirmation Card, which reads 'My skin is not my enemy'. This is surrounded by cards featuring the Real Skin Club logo. 
Positive affirmations for skin positivity.

Let’s start with the basics: What are positive affirmations?

In the same way that you would exercise your body to strengthen it, your brain also needs focused attention. We all have an inner self-critic: a voice that says things to and about you that you would never dream of saying to another person. By changing the way that we speak to ourselves we can shift our perspective, form new habits, and encourage more positive thinking.

If this all sounds a bit ‘woo-woo’ to you, you’re not alone. I used to think the exact same thing! However, I have found it useful to reframe what I consider to be positive affirmations. Imagine you are preparing for an important job interview and you feel nervous. You call your best friend and they immediately jump into a monologue filled with encouragement and praise: “What on earth are you nervous about? You’re brilliant, qualified, passionate, kind and supportive to your colleagues… you’re just wonderful! And if they can’t see that, they’re idiots and it’s their loss!” You put the phone down feeling 10-feet tall and ready to take on not only that job interview but potentially the world! If you can let your friend hype you up in a 2-minute phone call, it means that you can fill that role yourself. Your brain just needs help and some regular practice to replace the negative chatter with positive feedback.

And this is where positive affirmations can be so useful. There are sets out there for all sorts of topics – ones for confidence in the workplace, ones for children, ones for financial success – but the Real Skin Club affirmation cards focus on skin (unsurprisingly!). Positive affirmations can be useful for things like confidence and self-love because they focus on who you are as a person. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if your skin changes next week, or if something else happens that might wobble your self-esteem, because you are building resilience and happiness away from your appearance. This is what you are concentrating on: positivity, strength, and a focus on the things that really matter – your heart and mind, not the outside shell.

If you would like to read some more about positive affirmations and the science behind them, I have put some links at the bottom of this post.

How to use the Real Skin Club Affirmation Cards?

The Real Skin Affirmation Cards are designed to be used daily, with 31 individual cards in each pack. With this in mind, keep them somewhere safe but visible so that you will remember to include them in your routine. Once a day, select the top card and read it to yourself. If you can, read the card aloud or try doing it while looking at yourself in a mirror. Repeat the affirmation 3 or 4 times, taking the time to really focus on the meaning behind the words on the card. When you are finished you can put the card to the bottom of the pack and go about your day. Alternatively, you could place the card somewhere you will see it throughout the day (on your desk, pinned to your mirror, in your purse, or write the phrase down in a journal) if you feel that you would benefit from a few more reminders of your daily affirmation.

If negative thoughts, or difficult feelings, crop up over the course of the day, try responding to them using your daily affirmation. Remember that your thoughts are not facts and you can choose whether to listen and absorb them, or dispute and reroute them. You are in control of your inner monologue and you are able to guide it in a more positive direction.

If the message on one of your affirmation cards feels a little beyond you on a particular day, that’s okay. Simply put it to the back of the pack and perhaps by the time it comes round again you will feel more comfortable using it. If you feel able to, try to identify *why* that particular affirmation feels hard or out of reach for you. Sit with those emotions for a while and try to name them. Is it shame? Embarrassment? Disbelief? Do these feelings come from you, from someone else, from wider society in general?

Remember that this is a journey and it may be an uncomfortable one at first. You are trying to unlearn years of unkind and negative messages – that won’t happen instantly. But be proud of yourself that you are taking control, turning that false narrative on its head, and learning to see your skin in a new way.

What is Real Skin Club?

Founded by skin positivity campaigner and blogger Lex Gillies, Real Skin Club aims to spread the skin positivity word to those who need it most.

Real Skin Club encourages everyone to view themselves with kindness, to embrace difference, and accept their unique appearances. We want to spread positivity and acceptance, through both tangible products (like the Real Skin Club Affirmation Cards) or through beautiful and meaningful artwork (with much more to come!)

Are you a fan of positive affirmations? Do you think affirmation cards could become a part of your self-care routine?





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