I missed a day! Which is quite poor seeing as it hasn’t even been a week yet. But! I have an excuse. I had a job interview yesterday and my wonderful boyfriend made a surprise trip to London so that he could meet me afterwards and take me for food and obscenely expensive cocktails. I also got the job! Whoop!

So, yes, apologies, but I have done two manicures today to make up for missing yesterday. I know, I know, I spoil you!! 😐

The theme for day five of the challenge was blue. I only own one blue, as I’m not a huge fan of the colour in general. I used a Miss Sporty creme navy, which I love as it dries super quickly which was helpful with this mani. I did two coats of the blue polish and then added the GOSH matte top coat.

I then cut out triangles of tape, covered one side of the nail, and painted another layer of the same polish over the top.

I love the way this mani looks, it really catches the eye. Excuse the lack of clean-up, I was trying to take photos before it got dark so was rushed!



Today’s challenge theme was ‘Green’. I have two greens and wasn’t keen on having a block colour manicure in either. So I decided to do another nail art manicure, after the success of the bumblebees yesterday. I had seen kiwis done on this blog: http://nailpolishdistraction.tumblr.com/ and fell in love with them.

I made a frankenpolish out of the two greens I own (pictures below), did two coats of that and then did white ovals on top.

The frankenpolish is on the right. Not the loveliest colour I’ve ever seen, but perfect for this mani.

I used a tiny paintbrush and white acrylic paint to do stipes coming outwards from the centre. Once they were dried, I used a spotting tool to put black acrylic paint spots for the seeds.

Really pleased with this mani, although it has made me crave kiwis…!



For today’s challenge, I wanted to do something a bit more exciting. I was getting a bit bored of single-colour manicures!

After remembering (thanks to the anonymous question!) that I *did* own a yellow…I then couldn’t find it. I have no idea where it is! So I had to buy a new one anyway. Drat.

I got a cheapy one as I’m not a huge fan of yellow and wont be hopping up and down to wear it all the time. I got a Miss Sporty one (£1.99 from Superdrug, and on 3 for 2…marvellous). They’re not the best polishes in the world, but for the price they are brilliant. They go on well and dry so quickly. I could do the 2nd coat after about 2 minutes and that one dried within 5. Can’t argue with that!

I did two coats of the yellow, waited for it to dry and then used a spotting tool to do the black spots for the flight trail. I used the same tool to do 5 spots in a circle for the flowers.

For my thumbnails, I used basic sellotape. A few tips when using tape: make sure your nail varnish is totally dry otherwise it’ll lift with the tape. Also, before putting on your tape, touch it with your fingers so it’s not super sticky to avoid lifting. And finally, lift off your tape (very carefully) when the polish is still wet to get a really crisp line.

I then dabbed clear polish wherever I wanted the diamond studs and carefully pressed them on. I finished with two layers of top coat.

The below picture shows the Miss Sporty polishes I got today. I didn’t own silver or gold and knew that ‘Metallic’ was a theme later in this challenge so used the 3 for 2 offer well!


P.S. I forgot to mention that I got the inspiration for this from many different nail blogs, but the main one was http://bellaslacquerbox.blogspot.com. Go check her out, she’s brilliant.


The first day of the nail challenge is ‘Red’. I only have one red nail varnish and I’m not very keen on it. It’s a Maybelline Forever Strong polish, called ‘Deep Red’. I love the colour but it’s consistency is very odd. Comes out of the bottle quite gloopy (even with thinner added) and dries really quickly on the nail so goes a bit streaky quickly. The photo below shows how strange the finish is:

(The above picture makes the red look a lot more orangey than it actually is – the flash has a lot to answer for! The other photos are a lot more representative of the darker red colour)

I couldn’t stand looking at the above nails for 24 hours so had to add one of my favourite ‘savers’ – matte top coat. If any manicure is looking a bit boring I always add this to make it a bit more edgy. I use the GOSH matte top coat, although there are lots of other brilliant ones around.

Sadly, it still doesn’t look great, but the top coat definitely helped!

So, a bit of a lacklustre (!) start to the nail challenge. Although, on the bright side, it does mean I should buy a new red polish so this one can go! Any excuse…

Tomorrow is ‘Orange’…LOVE!



Welcome to my first attempt at Galaxy nails! I am so pleased with how they turned out.

They’re pretty fiddly and messy but when something looks this pretty at the end of it, I figure it’s worth it.

I took pictures throughout so might do a tutorial of sorts, if that’s something you guys would be interested in seeing?

Thanks for dropping by, you’re all stars *groan*

Lex 🙂