Need Pinterest Help?

Pinterest is an incredible way to boost traffic, drive sales, and raise brand awareness. But it’s a tricky site to get your head around if you don’t have the time – or patience – to focus on it. Luckily I’m a self-confessed Pinterest obsessive and I am here to not only save you time but also to give you all the wonderful benefits of Pinterest without any of the stress.

If you want to go straight to the services I offer, click on one of the three images below. If you want to learn more about why you definitely need to use Pinterest to promote your blog or business, and why I’m a great choice to help you on your way, keep reading.

Do you need help with your Pinterest account? I can help! Pinterest tips and advice. #talontedlex Do you need help with your Pinterest account? I can help! Pinterest tips and advice. #talontedlex Do you need help with your Pinterest account? I can help! Pinterest tips and advice. #talontedlex


Pinterest now has 250 million active users every single month, and every single pin on the site has a link attached so it’s designed to promote the sharing of content. It’s important to bear in mind that it’s not a social media platform, it’s a visual search engine – which means that the focus is on content and not just numbers… which means anyone can be a success on Pinterest regardless of following: I only have 18k followers, but my reach on Pinterest is 4.5 MILLION+ every month and my blog traffic from Pinterest rivals traffic from Google search or all my social media platforms combined. Pinterest is a true meritocracy so don’t worry if you weren’t an early adopter!

Unlike its main competitors, Pinterest has a wide spread of demographics and although 81% of users are women, the number of men using the platform increased by 40% last year. Even better, users typically open the app with intention: they’re there to actively search for inspiration, they’re open to suggestions, and are more likely to buy because they’re already in the consumer mindset. This makes it a great place for bloggers and small businesses to share their content.


I have a social media management background, which gives me insight into both the consumer online experience and the business-owner side of social. I use this experience working with companies – as well as my experience with my current Pinterest clients – to seamlessly embody your brand’s personality. As a Pinterest manager, I work with bloggers and small businesses across many niches which gives me an informed and varied knowledge base.

More importantly, I am passionate about Pinterest and the ways in which it can help businesses to raise brand awareness, drive traffic, and even increase sales. It’s the number one driver of traffic to my own blog because I spend a lot of time keeping on top of (constantly changing!) best practices and new launches. As a Pinterest manager, I ensure that my clients’ accounts are on top of any algorithm and functionality changes, without them having to lift a finger!

I work closely with the Pinterest UK team, which gives me access to the most up to date information and news. I was also recently invited to speak at the Pinterest annual conference in Dublin, as well as the Pinterest x Feel Unique pop up event in Vogue House, and the Pinterest Creator’s Brunch in London. I spend hours every week learning more about the nitty-gritty of Pinterest, staying abreast of algorithm changes and new functionalities, talking to other account managers, sharing insights and constantly honing my skills to ensure that I can call myself a Pinterest expert. You can read some testimonials from happy clients at the bottom of the page.


I offer a few different Pinterest services, depending on the level of help you need – just click the images at the top of this page to look at the services on offer. If you’re not sure what you need, or just want to discuss your options, feel free to send me an email to get a personalised quote for my services or for a chat about your account!

You can read my blog posts about Pinterest – including my best tips and tricks – HERE.



“I’ve always been an avid Pinner but, from a strategy point of view, I was clueless! I had content that I knew could FLY on Pinterest, but instead was sitting dormant because I didn’t know how to get my pins seen. Thanks to Lex’s hard work, my pins are getting so many more shares, I get more traffic to my blog, and I feel like I have more of a daily active presence. Plus I know it will only grow as time goes on! From a personal point of view, it’s been so great to outsource Pinterest as it is a time-consuming platform and it’s one less thing to think about so I can concentrate on growing my other channels and creating great content!”
(Kirsty, Fashion For Lunch)

“Pinterest had long been a platform I’d neglected, despite accruing nearly 400k followers. Although I pinned my own content & occasionally used it to curate ideas, it wasn’t something that was an integral part of my strategy. Lex was able to immediately overhaul my channel and give it direction, guiding me to focus on what worked well for me and what users were responding to. She provides actionable tips and advice to help increase my reach and engagement, which has never been better. She manages my page on a day to day basis, scheduling content to be posted at optimum times, and keeps me on top of the constant changes I need to be aware of. Handing the platform over to her means I don’t have to worry about dedicating the huge amount of time it needs to stay up to date, but I can still benefit from increased awareness and traffic.”
(Hayley Hall)

“As a blogger I have 1 million+ followers on Pinterest, but I wasn’t using it in the right way so it wasn’t driving as much traffic as it should have. I just didn’t have time to learn all of the SEO tricks, or to create targeted pins. Lex took over and doubled my engagement in the first month. I also run a jewellery company and had never got around to setting up Pinterest (even though I knew it could be my biggest driver of traffic). After handing the keys over to Lex she not only built up a beautiful, on-brand series of boards, but more importantly I went from 0 to 500,000 Pinterest viewers within five months.”
(Rebecca, Zeal & Heart)