FRIDAY FAVES: Face Treats, Funny Jokes, and Home Fragrance

I’m setting myself a hard limit of under 900 words for this blog post. If I don’t restrict myself I could ramble all day about my recommendations – I really love writing these Friday Faves…

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FRIDAY FAVES: Netflix, Nutty Cults, & Neon Pink Lips

My neck is currently in spasm so this blog post may be a little more brief than my usual Friday Faves, but I have some amazing bits and pieces that I wanted to chat to…

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FRIDAY FAVES: The French Edition

In case you’ve missed it I’ve been in France for the past three weeks, so this edition of Friday Faves contains a lot of the products and things that I was loving while I was…

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FRIDAY FAVES: Margate, Murder, & Mascara

As we speak I am on holiday, visiting my parents in France. I say ‘holiday’, but when you’re a freelancer it can be very difficult to switch off so I’ve still got my nose in…

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FRIDAY FAVES And An Explanation

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some Friday Faves – things have been a bit manic, but more on that later! This edition of Friday Faves is a hodge-podge of things that have been…

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