Model’s Own ‘Beetlejuice Purple Blue’

Model's Own 'Beetlejuice Purple Blue' Model's Own 'Beetlejuice Purple Blue' Model's Own 'Beetlejuice Purple Blue'

Model’s Own ‘Beetlejuice Purple Blue’

I finally have internet again and have a lot to catch up with. The first in a big batch is Model’s Own ‘Beetlejuice Purple Blue’. I waited for ages for the Beetlejuice collection to come out and was so excited to see them…and was then really underwhelmed. I was expecting really pretty duochrome polishes and they didn’t quite live up to my expectations. Don’t get me wrong, they are pretty but…I wasn’t thrilled with them.

This one is a purple blue (ummm, obviously Lex) and as you can see from the last picture, in artificial light it is quite dark navy and a bit blah. The purple and neon blue tones come through better in natural light and do make it quite an interesting polish. The finish does look quite gritty in these pictures and that does come across in person as well, which I hate.

However, I’ve been mainly using it for adding depth to galaxy nails (which it’s perfect for!), rather than as a stand alone colour for a full mani.

If you’re a bigger fan than me, you can buy it HERE.

How did you feel about this collection? I was pretty gutted that I didn’t love it as much as I wanted to. Too bad, too sad!