Love ‘n’ Hate mani…

It is 1.30am and I can’t sleep until I’ve blogged this! I am so happy with this mani, I think it’s my favourite ever.

Inspired by old school tattoos, this mani has ‘Love’ and ‘Hate written across the nails. At some point this weekend, I’m going to do an anchor on one thumb and a swallow on the other. I don’t have time now, seeing as I have to be up for work in…5 hours. Ouch.

I did two layers of white polish and applied a fast-drying topcoat. I then used a paintbrush to do the black detailing. I used the same brush and the pink (Urban Princess by Rimmel) to do the accents on the letters.

And done! Quite fiddly with the fine lines, but it looks so amazing! One bonus of the nail challenge finishing is that when I do a great mani, I get to keep it for as long as I like rather than starting all over again the next day!

Hope you like this manicure too and thank you for reading my blog, it means a lot!

Lex 🙂