Swatch: Atomic by LA Colours

This was another of the polishes bought for me by my lovely friend Gemma for doing her manicure.

It is a gorgeous jade green and applies beautifully. I only have one other polish by LA Colours which is the black I use all the time. They are pretty cheap polishes but go on so well, dry fast and are pretty opaque. This mani only needed two coats which is better than I expected for the price. The only negative point is that it doesn’t last too well: chips and lifting after 24 hours, even with top coat.

The above picture shows the true colour better than the first one. It’s a lovely blue-green jade, rather than the rich green it appears as under artificial light (as in the first picture).

Love this colour so much, pretty enough to keep me interested whilst still being a fairly ‘conservative’ manicure!

Not so happy with the fact my thumb looks like a massive sausage there! I look like I’ve had some kind of hideous allergic reaction to something and I’m swelling! Never a good look… Note to self: your thumbs apparently have good and bad angles.