Good Person = Good Skin? The Morality Of Skin

I have been drafting a version of this blog post for a long time, but yesterday a post on Instagram sent me over the edge and showed me how much this conversation is needed. There is an insidious belief in our society that good skin somehow represents being a good person, or good choices in life. Obviously, anyone with a brain can see that this is nonsense, but I wanted to talk about the moral halo surrounding skin for those who may be perpetuating this myth without thinking.

Why good skin doesn't make you a good person (and vice versa!) Skin positivity, body positivity, and why we need to be a little bit kinder. Skincare blogger and rosacea activity, Talonted Lex shares her thoughts on the bizarre belief that good deeds are rewarded with good skin. #talontedlex #goodskin #skinpositive #skinblogger #rosaceaadvice
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