Nail challenge: Day 25 – ‘Inspired by fashion’

Good evening 🙂

Today’s theme was ‘Inspired by fashion’ and I immediately thought of the below top by Balmain. It is so beautiful I would consider selling my own mother to get it.

I did 2 coats of white polish (Rimmel) and applied fast-drying top coat (ORLY Sec ‘n’ Dry). I then used 17’s ‘Fury’ and some strategically-placed tape to achieve most of the straight lines. I used a tiny paintbrush to freehand the rest.

I applied another layer of top coat and then used my favourite glitter polish (Models Own ‘Judge Jools’) and a spotting tool to go over the gold.

The above pictures are artificial light as the glitter showed up better in that for some reason. I took the ones below in natural light.

For my right hand I did 2 coats of the white polish and then topped with one layer of the Models Own glitter. It looks so Christmassy!! I love it!!

(Again, first pic in artificial light, no flash, and second pic in natural light)

Lex 🙂


Nail challenge: Day 23 – ‘Inspired by a film’

Hello! And happy Halloween weekend 🙂

Today’s theme is ‘Inspired by a film’ and I had so much fun thinking of potential films. However, when I found out this mani fell on the weekend of Halloween I was decided – the Nightmare Before Christmas nails had to be done!

I’ve seen lots of NBC manis so these will be nothing new to anyone, but I love them. Fiddly but fun!

My right hand (below) is my bad hand and I need so much practice with my paintbrush. I am still so shaky!

Hope these made you smile!

Lex 🙂


Magnetized Green by 17 Review

Magnetized Green by 17

Magnetized Green by 17

Magnetized Green by 17

You are looking at the most difficult-to-find nail varnish I have ever owned. I went to 6 different Boots stores today trying to find any of the 17 range’s Magnetized polish. I went all over London and even braved Oxford/Regent/Bond Street on a Sunday afternoon. Nothing. As a last resort I tried the new Westfield at Stratford and they had 3 polishes left! VICTORY!!

The basic principle of this polish is that it contains tiny magnetic particles. Inside the bottle lid is a magnet which you use to create patterns in the polish. Such a clever idea and I’ve been wanting to try some for ages.

The range includes a gunmetal grey, a blue, a lilac and teal (which is the one I found). The polish itself is gorgeous: a beautiful colour, even before you use the magnet, and it applies beautifully.

Magnetized Green by 17

The picture below shows the lid of the polish (which detaches from the brush so you’re not waving that around). The magnet is on top and there is a small curved rest at one end to help you keep your fingers steady.

Magnetized Green by 17

After reading a few reviews online I picked up some tips. Apply the polish one nail at at time. While the nail is still wet, rest your finger on top of the rest at the end of the magnet and hold it over for 10 seconds. I found that I had to move my nail around to get the pattern to cover the whole nail, but this may just be as I have quite curved nails.

Obviously I used the other hand to hold the magnet over the nail, but for the purposes of the photos this is how close you hold it to the nail.

Magnetized Green by 17

I absolutely adore this nail varnish and it was definitely worth traipsing all over London to find it.

In Boots, it is on an introductory offer at £4.99 but will go up to £5.99 after this ends. Bargain!

Magnetized Green by 17

Total nail varnish crush.



Nail challenge: Day 15 ‘Delicate Print’

WARNING: These nails have been tagged ‘fail’ as I am really disappointed with them. If they weren’t for the challenge, I would have taken them off and pretended they never happened!

The theme was delicate print and one of my friends on Twitter suggested a mehndi print. I adore mehndi patterns, they’re so intricate and beautiful so thought it would be a fun challenge. IT WAS NOT FUN. I have never been so full of rage whilst doing a manicure! It kept going wrong and the end product makes me sad! Massive nail fail today.

In case you’re insane and want to copy this mani: I did 2 coats of nude polish and a layer of top coat. I then used a paintbrush and Barry M ‘Mushroom’ to do the pattern.

I will no doubt have another go at this as I hate not being able to do something and I think if I do perfectly it that it could look absolutely beautiful.

Tomorrow is tribal print, which I’ve never tried before. I’m hoping that will go better than today!

Lex 🙂


Nail challenge: Day 14 – ‘Flowers’

Good afternoon!

Flowers was today’s theme. I’ve done roses on this blog already so I thought I would try something I’ve never done before. I love sunflowers anyway but looking at pictures of them on Google became almost hypnotic…go look for yourself and you’ll see what I mean!

I did 2 layers of nude polish (Rimmel’s French Ivory) and then used Barry M’s Mushroom polish to do circles in the corner of each nail. I then used a thin paintbrush and a bright yellow polish (Miss Sporty 301) to do the petals.

Then I used my spotting tool to paint the seeds on. I used the same mushroom polish but mixed in some black polish so the seeds were slightly darker.

I mixed the yellow polish with Nails Inc ‘InStyle Orange’ to do the detailing on the petals.

A layer of top coat and I am done! Really pleased with how these turned out, very summery and cheerful.

Tomorrow is delicate print and I can honestly say I have no idea what to do!! Should be interesting…

Lex 🙂