W7 32 Navy Review

W7 32 Navy

W7 32 Navy

I have only tried a few W7 polishes. They’re pretty good nail varnishes: very cheap (I think this was £1.99), a fairly good range of colours, but usually there is nothing in particular that makes them stand out or make me want to seek them out over other polishes.

HOWEVER, this navy polish has been one of my recent favourites now that the weather has turned. It’s a very dark navy, in some lights it could be black which I like. It’s a nice change to the berry and red colours that are everywhere at the moment. I always think that navy nails look classy and elegant without being too boring.

This is two coats of W7 32 Navy topped with Seche Vite.

Have you tried any W7 nail varnishes? What do you think to navy polish? What colours are you loving at the moment? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

I can’t find this exact shade online but you can buy W7 polishes for £1.49 (!) HERE.


W7 32 Navy W7 32 Navy W7 32 Navy W7 32 Navy W7 32 Navy