Skincare Shake Up: April ’18 Edition

Hopefully you’ll all be familiar with the format of my Skincare Shake Up posts, but just in case you’re new here: every month I post a round up of the products I used in the previous month so I can share my thoughts with you. There are usually some tried and trusted favourites that have popped up year after year, but I also try out new products and formulas. I have rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis so my skin is very picky about the products it likes. I try to include information any potential irritants in the summary of each product as I know that some products that are great for my skin might not be appropriate for others. I’m not a trained dermatologist, I have just tried A LOT of products over the past 13 years and wanted to share my experiences. Right! Enough waffle… let’s crack on with my Skincare Shake Up: April ’18 edition!

Skincare routine for sensitive skin, rosacea prone skin. More skincare advice and skincare tips on the blog.

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