Rimmel Apricot Punch Scented Polish

Rimmel Apricot Punch Scented Polish

Half of this polish was gone but I don’t think I’ve ever swatched it which is surprising as it’s such a lovely colour PLUS it’s scented – and you know how I love a gimmick.

I think I may have got a dodgy bottle of this as it was really gloopy and thick which is unusual for Rimmel polishes. This was three coats and it took a lot of Seche Vite to get it to dry due to the gloopiness.

It is a good job it’s such a pretty colour – a peachy coral that is a great summer shade. And the smell is lovely! (Feb ’16 EDIT: It looks like Rimmel have discontinued this shade, but you can still get it HERE)


*I am on holiday and this post is scheduled.