Halloween Nail Art Tutorial

Halloween Nail Art Tutorial

Halloween Nail Art Tutorial

Last week’s nail art tutorial seemed to go down well so I thought I would do another one. This week’s is a tutorial for dripping blood nails. These are quick, easy and look brilliant.

You will need: base coat; white nail varnish; red nail varnish; and top coat.

Step one: Apply base coat and two coats of white polish.

Step two: Decide where you want your drips to go and put drops of red nail varnish to mark the spots.

Step three: Join up the dots with red polish and add some further drips.

Step four: Add some lines of white polish to make the blood look wet. Put the lines wherever the light would catch it. Top coat away and you are done! Easy peasy!

What do you think of these gory nails? Will you try this manicure?