Tips For Ocular Rosacea: In Association With Specsavers

I’ve had issues with my eyes for as long as I can remember: they are incredibly sensitive to light and wind, are always bloodshot, have a permanent gritty sensation, they water constantly and often get blurry. It’s just as annoying as it sounds! When I was finally diagnosed with ocular rosacea it was such a relief to give it a name. Ocular rosacea isn’t very well known but it is a dermatologic condition that affects the eye area and – unsurprisingly – is common among those of us who have rosacea. In this post I’ve put together my tips for dealing with tired and irritated eyes, as well as chatting about my brand spanking new glasses.

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BLOG POST: Tips for caring for ocular rosacea - wear glasses to give your eyes a break from contact lenses

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