I’m Getting Married In 5 Weeks

I'm Getting Married In 5 Weeks

I’m Getting Married In 5 Weeks

If you follow me on Twitter (if not, why not?! Go now… @TalontedLex) then you may be aware that I am getting married in 5 weeks. That’s right. 5 weeks. Or 34 days if you really want to freak me out… *runs round living room screaming*

I have seen the #MarriedMay hashtag floating around on various social networks and thought I would have a go at it but combine a few days into single posts so my whole blog doesn’t become wedding focused.

The nails

Wedding invitation talonted lex nails

One of the first questions I get from people when I talk about my wedding is “How on earth are you going to choose your nail varnish?” As a self confessed nail varnish addict and hoarder it was a tricky decision. I never have French manicured nails and I certainly wasn’t going to start on my wedding day. I believe that on your wedding day you should look like the best version of yourself: therefore I’m going for the above nails. Dark red half-moons and I’m keeping them fairly long. The wedding has a vague vintage theme and these nails are going to look amazing with my dress and bouquet.

The ring

I'm Getting Married In 5 Weeks

I had absolutely no idea that Aaron was going to propose to me. Genuinely no clue. He found out my ring size in secret and arranged a jeweller in Dubai to make the ring from Aaron’s own drawings so that when we were in Dubai in September 2012 he could pick up the ring and surprise me with a proposal. The fact he designed this himself blows me away every time I think about it: the ring is stunning and something I could not have come up with myself. I love that it’s so unusual and striking. He did an amazing job.

Wedding invitation talonted lex ring 2 I'm Getting Married In 5 Weeks

The invitations

I'm Getting Married In 5 Weeks

My friend James is my Man of Honour. We have been friends for years and he is a freelance illustrator by trade so this was a no brainer decision for us. James designed the invitations with minimal input from us and we ADORE them. They sum us up perfectly which is just what we wanted. Go pay him to draw stuff for you, you won’t regret it. His website is HERE.

The invitation detail

We have guests coming from all over the country and wanted to give them as much as information as possible so we included an information sheet with the invites. This included details about the timings, dress code, ideas for things to do in York, hotel recommendations and covered the (always awkward) question of +1s! Again, we wanted these to reflect us and our personalities so kept it quite informal.

I'm Getting Married In 5 Weeks I'm Getting Married In 5 Weeks I'm Getting Married In 5 WeeksI'm Getting Married In 5 Weeks

I feel quite strange putting all this up on my blog, it feels very personal. That might seem strange as I put my face on here and what’s more personal than that? But I think a wedding is such an intimate thing and I feel quite nervous putting it up for people to judge… is that just me?

I hope you enjoyed having a nosey into a part of my wedding planning. I’m going to do a few more of these in the coming weeks and then do another one after the wedding with my dress, venue and honeymoon etc.

Now excuse me while I vomit a little bit at the thought that I’m getting married in 5 weeks…